Alternative Morse Code Keys

Add a bit of interest to your radio equipment with one of these unorthodox CW keys. [OH6DC] has been hard at work posting almost sixty of these hacks. Above you can see an alarm clock whose snooze button acts as the key, and a nail clipper used as a key. There’s a banana , a cross-country ski shoe , and a toaster key. The rest you’ll have to see for yourself. Any of these would work perfectly with that Morse code keyboard you’ve been wanting to build.

18 thoughts on “Alternative Morse Code Keys

  1. Wow. I just started writing a morse code virtual keyboard earlier this week.
    I don’t know morse yet, but the plan is to show which keys are accessible by a dot or a dash and provide enough feedback (i.e. timing bar, etc.) so that anyone (such as myself) can pick it up and learn by doing.

  2. dropbox pages literally take like 30 minutes to knock offline, and that’s just a single attack machine not ddos. Of course this is the case with all ‘free’ webhosting.

    Just thought I’d mention it. People get these cheap or free hosts and act like it’s a sophisticated attack when it ends up tanked.

  3. @jake

    I’m actually kinda happy they did. I never cared much about HF until now. I have technician, and since they dropped the requirement I can use RTTY and SSTV on 10M, and I can use morse on 80, 40, and 15. I think that working in HF is going to make me _want_ to learn Morse code. Before it would have been an obligation, and I wouldn’t have enjoyed learning it.

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