Floating Globe, Hacked To Rotate

they need to hire this guy

[Alexy Sha] has done this fantastic hack, where he modified a magnetic floating globe to be motorized and spin on a tilted axis. The original globe was simply levitating via a magnet mounted inside. Though you could spin it by hand, it wasn’t motorized, and actually floated completely vertically instead of being tilted.

[Alexy] wanted to take this idea further and make it automatically spin on a rotated axes. He built a rotation assembly that was basically a motor, hung off-center, attached at the center of the globe. He had to power it via a coil hidden in the base unit, so that it could remain light enough to float. He did a fantastic job and the final product seems like it is the true way it should have been sold.

Check out a video of it in action after the break. We actually like the spinning ring, when he’s testing it, just as much as the final spinning globe.

56 thoughts on “Floating Globe, Hacked To Rotate

  1. Has he approached the manufacturer of the original? Has he patented it and convinced someone from dragons den to back him financially? How much does the modification cost to implement for one globe? Can it be done on production line? Does the wireless induction cause FCC infringement/radio interference? Can the base be made to look more aesthetically pleasing? No one will ever want anything else if these babies were marketed – they just would be like the equivalent of a model T ford compared to a Rolls Royce Silver Ghost. I would happily pay £100 for such an ornament – £130 if the speed of rotation could be adjusted for preference.

  2. I am a Canadian retailer and i sell this globe… see it everyday and wonder why they did not think about the right angle…
    Man, you are fuc*** awesome! I am impressed and want to do the same now!!

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