Web Controlled Watering Can

Here’s a watering can and water vortex that are controlled with a webkit browser interface. The interface displays a drawing of the watering can on your browser. If you grab one of the handles on the circle around the image and move it, the can will rotate as well.

Okay, so this isn’t going to change the world and actually presents a fairly useless watering setup. But [Ben] seems to be a master of fabrication and that’s what we appreciate in this build. The watering can is solidly mounted and moves fluidly with seemingly little effort from the motor. He uses a spring to keep the rope loop taut, sourcing a castor wheel and automotive power-window motor to provide the motion. The hinged base on which the can sits has a potentiometer in it, used to measure the current position of the watering can. Remember these techniques as they’ll come in handy in your future builds.

There’s also a little bonus at the end of the video after the break. We wondered what [Ben] might use that power drill controller hack for. Looks like it makes an appearance in his water vortex work.


9 thoughts on “Web Controlled Watering Can

  1. Well, obviously this is not going to water anything. Dependent on the water level in the can, it’ll start pouring water at different angles, so there is no practical use. WRT router might be a good idea especially if it makes the contraption wireless.

    I love the vortex machine but it makes way too much noise.

    Good hack and plenty of different application possibilities.

  2. For years I have been dreaming of a project I call “AutoPots”. Autonomous free-range robotic plant pots that roam the land in herds, taking their plants to water, sunlight, shade or whatever else is needed to ensure their optimum health. They’ll even band together to take out any wandering vegans that happen to get too close. This looks like the beginnings of “prey”… Mwhahahaha!

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