$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

When you see $125 off something you probably assume it cost several times that to start with. Nope, this drastic discount leaves just $25 plus shipping. Use coupon-code: 2JLP-R4XRT3 when ordering the little rover. There’s a quick video snippet of it embedded after the break.

What you’ll get is a Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller on a board with a bunch of goodies.

  • MicroSD slot
  • USB host and device connectors
  • I2C audio with speakers
  • Ethernet connector
  • 96×6 OLED display
  • Motors
  • Optosensors
  • Bump detectors

As always, we want to hear about the hacks you come up with once you have this little guy in hand.

[update, the code is now expired]

[final update — Someone from TI explains what is going on.]

—-  from the comments.

As some posts already note, the coupon code is only available to ESC Boston attendees. That said, we’re psyched about all of your interest and understand there seems to have been some confusion, so TI plans to fulfill all of the finalized orders to date. We’re working on some logistics in getting the code up and running again for ESC Boston attendees, but proof of ESC registration will be required. Stay tuned.

We hear you about the e-store and are working as quickly as possible to avoid issues in the future. Thanks for your patience.

Bottom line – we’re glad to see the excitement around EVALBOT and look forward to checking out your projects! We encourage you to share them on our e2e Forums at http://e2e.ti.com/

-Jean Anne Booth, Texas Instruments


[Thanks GDM]

518 thoughts on “$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

  1. @biozz
    I’m more careful with a debit card online, it’s linked directly to a bank account and if stolen, they can take every penny in that account. A credit card company will protect you from that. The trick is to pay off your card every time you make a purchase, so that it’s like using cash rather than borrowing money.

  2. @biozz Enemy? Look at the free advertising. The Stellaris chips are sweet, esp. considering how cheap they are, but nobody knows about them because Lumina… I mean TI refuses to push these to the hobbyist market like they’ve been doing with MSP430 over the last year.

  3. @Adrian its at the point you enter your CC information – the Coupon section on the top-right.

    For those stuck on screens with grayed out drop downs, etc; TI is using dynamic HTML/XSS and you have to wait for your browser to contact the server (forever!) before it un-grays/goes away each time.

  4. Managed to complete an order about 10 min before this comment.

    You must be very patient as often there are buttons that you must click, but there is no feedback indicating that they have been clicked or are clickable.

    Good luck!

  5. It took an hour and a half to get through the ordering process – the server is incredibly slow and kept telling me I was a bot and had to start again. I just got an order conformation email, but the TI store is still sitting on the final payment screen giving no indication that it’s doing anything.

    I had the same experience when they had the Launchpad deal, but I gave up and stopped trying.

    TI – your products are cool but your store sucks big time.

  6. > This version doesn’t come with the manual. Is it downloadable? The manual has assembly instructions and a programming guide, both of which gotta be useful.

    Anyone out there still reads them? Anyway, got my order placed and card charged… Hope they’ll ship this shiny thingy…

    P.S. Anyone answered yes to the question conserning weapon design? Looks to me like “Are you an idiot [Y/n]” question…

  7. Woah!!!! That is one big manual on that video posted by Matt R.

    Quite lucky I saw this today, I had been wanting to learn/begin to use something like an ARM cortex. I just hope we can get to ARM rather than go through the t.i. uc/os-III interface thing…

  8. I received the bot detected response several times and then the following non coupon price but each time I went back to the basket until it eventually worked on the 4th attempt.
    Shipping to europe included although I expect to pay import duty and tax on the full amount, not 25usd which is a shame.

  9. Ok people. RELAX. I just finished ordering 3 minutes ago. they RECEIVED my order. I paid $25 only. (it’s $150 – $125 coupon, yes press APPLY on the right, and NO SHIPPING COST)

    So everyone that’s stopping because they don’t have 5 minutes to wait. CHI-LAX. It goes through and you have a $25 dent in your credit card and a $150 little mini robot.

  10. @Gregory Strike

    I got that too, but it ended up going through. 5945!

    How to order:
    Open website. Go do something for 10 minutes. Click button. Go do something else for 10 minutes. Repeat until done.

  11. I love how this post pretty much ensures the DDoS of their website…

    Getting SQL errors on every attempt when it may or may not be charging me money is also quite entertaining.

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