$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

When you see $125 off something you probably assume it cost several times that to start with. Nope, this drastic discount leaves just $25 plus shipping. Use coupon-code: 2JLP-R4XRT3 when ordering the little rover. There’s a quick video snippet of it embedded after the break.

What you’ll get is a Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller on a board with a bunch of goodies.

  • MicroSD slot
  • USB host and device connectors
  • I2C audio with speakers
  • Ethernet connector
  • 96×6 OLED display
  • Motors
  • Optosensors
  • Bump detectors

As always, we want to hear about the hacks you come up with once you have this little guy in hand.

[update, the code is now expired]

[final update — Someone from TI explains what is going on.]

—-  from the comments.

As some posts already note, the coupon code is only available to ESC Boston attendees. That said, we’re psyched about all of your interest and understand there seems to have been some confusion, so TI plans to fulfill all of the finalized orders to date. We’re working on some logistics in getting the code up and running again for ESC Boston attendees, but proof of ESC registration will be required. Stay tuned.

We hear you about the e-store and are working as quickly as possible to avoid issues in the future. Thanks for your patience.

Bottom line – we’re glad to see the excitement around EVALBOT and look forward to checking out your projects! We encourage you to share them on our e2e Forums at http://e2e.ti.com/

-Jean Anne Booth, Texas Instruments



[Thanks GDM]

518 thoughts on “$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

  1. @tim, did you make it all the way to check out where you could enter the coupon code? I’ve spent 10 min on TI’s site and cant get there. They are being slow as shit today, and frankly, i dont want one of these bots that much, no matter how much of a steal.

  2. I got mine coming! I couldn’t pass it up. Look at all of the hardware you get for $25.00! And if this is like the MSP430, I’ll either get it tomorrow or in 2 months :p.

  3. After 15 or so minutes slowly going through their checkout process, it finally denied me saying they think I’m a bot. Oh, the irony. I think I eventually got the order through after another 15 minutes, in that I got email confirmation, but their site is seriously crap.

    Seriously though, the stellaris stuff is awesome, crazy fast, and I really like that you just need a single usb cable to load, communicate and debug under windows or linux.

  4. When I ordered mine about 45 min ago (right after this post came ot) the TI store was still working fine (and fast), so this is definetly related to the rover. The code did work though, i got it for 25USD with free shipping to germany.

  5. There store has been trashed. I got:

    “Your activity has been detected as a Bot or Spider by our system. If you believe you are seeing this message in error you can Retry the checkout after one minute.”

  6. @biozz
    After reading the PDF on the law it seems that if you can prove you have “a means to pay it back” they can issue you a credit card. Having this vague of wording means that you could simply send them a bank statement with something like 3x the credit limit and they could issue the card, or any type of pay stub would qualify you, I’m sure.

    See this link for the PDF.

  7. @biozz – Credit is a trap, the most aggressively baited trap you’ll ever have chance to step in.

    ONLY borrow money if what you are borrowing it for will increase in value. Ever.

    If you are jonesing for online shopping, a Visa or Mastercard debit card tied to a checking account from a local bank or credit union will work swimmingly. Failing that, you can get a prepaid visa/mastercard from Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Marts, or most gas stations. Caveat Emptor, the fees on prepaid cards are commensurate to their convenience.

  8. Thanks Hackaday. I actually have a different Stellaris eval board that I like a lot. Thinking I should only need minor toolchain changes to get working with this. Also, the coupon still worked for me and it said my shipping was included.

  9. Just ordered one. I can’t believe they’re even giving out free shipping to the UK! i did have to select some random things for my ‘companies’ end products, but they dont explicitly disallow non-corporate customers (that i could see). Lets just say i wont be surprised if i get an email saying they’ve cancelled my order

    However, when (if) i get a confirmation email with an estimated ship date, i may purchase a second one. you know, so the first wont feel lonely? (have to justify it somehow :))

  10. estore.ti.com must be on a dialup connection…
    Only took me 20 minutes to place my order with an existing account. Still, it wasn’t as frustrating as Sparkfun’s free day. Four computers running 3 OS’es on 3 separate connections couldn’t get me the goods that day.

  11. Just to let you know, my order went through on the 3rd atempt. The site must be getting high traffic. Don’t process the order after the Bot thing or you’ll be charged the full amount.

  12. I haven’t been able to resist the temptation :-)

    The TI store is very slow at this moment, but the customs popup loaded without too much problem…

    BTW what are you declaring you are going to use it? I put “Drive DC motors” but I don’t think it matters… I could easily think in 100 different applications for it…

  13. So, I am in the process of ordering one now but I can’t find much info out there. What exactly can you DO with this board? I see a few comments stating the programming tools are probably pretty damn expensive.

  14. For those stuck on the customs page where the second drop-down doesn’t load, just click the submit button, and it will yell at you about it, but it also enables it so that you can choose! Good luck.

  15. I have the stellaris lm3s6965 eval board which also has an oled display, ethernet port is also cortex M3 based, and I use a free toolchain to develop for it. I can’t say for sure, but I imagine this board would allow for the same.

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