$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

When you see $125 off something you probably assume it cost several times that to start with. Nope, this drastic discount leaves just $25 plus shipping. Use coupon-code: 2JLP-R4XRT3 when ordering the little rover. There’s a quick video snippet of it embedded after the break.

What you’ll get is a Stellaris ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller on a board with a bunch of goodies.

  • MicroSD slot
  • USB host and device connectors
  • I2C audio with speakers
  • Ethernet connector
  • 96×6 OLED display
  • Motors
  • Optosensors
  • Bump detectors

As always, we want to hear about the hacks you come up with once you have this little guy in hand.

[update, the code is now expired]

[final update — Someone from TI explains what is going on.]

—-  from the comments.

As some posts already note, the coupon code is only available to ESC Boston attendees. That said, we’re psyched about all of your interest and understand there seems to have been some confusion, so TI plans to fulfill all of the finalized orders to date. We’re working on some logistics in getting the code up and running again for ESC Boston attendees, but proof of ESC registration will be required. Stay tuned.

We hear you about the e-store and are working as quickly as possible to avoid issues in the future. Thanks for your patience.

Bottom line – we’re glad to see the excitement around EVALBOT and look forward to checking out your projects! We encourage you to share them on our e2e Forums at http://e2e.ti.com/

-Jean Anne Booth, Texas Instruments


[Thanks GDM]

518 thoughts on “$125 Off The Evalbot Is A Steal

  1. For anyone asking about being able to program it: gcc can generate binaries for ARM; while you may need to compile a cross-compiler, you shouldn’t need to buy software. Also, the steps for compiling a cross-compiler aren’t actually difficult, and are well-documented (not to mention many distros probably have packages for arm-gcc crosscompilers, since it’s quite common to develop for the ARM).

  2. What a joke gave up after 1 hour. You think they could afford a better server. I kept getting I am a bot. Might help if they let you know that when you clicked the submit button you are suppose to sit there even thou no prompt on screen displays letting you know it is “working”. lame

  3. I’m in the UK.

    Took me an hour and ten minutes!! I got the bot detected….. Then it said code already in use…
    then it hung…. then I started again… I was clean shaven when i started… I have a ZZ Top beard now. The rule is: Preservere! $25 to the UK!
    thats about £16… Cool! Now, I can finally start speculating about whether it will ever arrive!

  4. Guys… One silly question… Anyone got uclinux (looks like this shit has no mmu) running on it? That uCOS thing sounds to me like some complete proprietary crap (not looked much in it so far) and uclinux would be just the thing.

  5. have they disabled the code? I arrived at the payment page, copied in the code and clicked apply, after several tries (3 minutes each), nothing happened, still 149$…
    (also at some points the website dumped parts of its C#-code?! you have to *actively enable* that on production websites, their admins/developers must be mental…)

  6. So having trouble placing an order….

    Version Information: Microsoft .NET Framework Version:2.0.50727.3615; ASP.NET Version:2.0.50727.3614

    THERE’s you problem. I feel dirty just reading the letters ASP :(

  7. I finally got through! One little bot ordered and ready to go, hope they don’t check the URL for customs, I said N/A LOL! Oh and for those having trouble, coupon still worked for me.

  8. Just ordered mine. #6163 (which, incidentally, is the old PIN code for my former bank card. coincidence? I think not ;-)

    But I’ll only believe it when it arrives. ~18€ incl. shipping to Germany sounds too good to be true. We’ll see…

    @Greenroom: Sorry hab deinen Post erst gelesen als ich schon bestellt hatte. Hast du inzwischen jmd. gefunden der dir einen bestellt?

  9. #6153

    I tried forever and was just about to give up because after finally being able to fill in creditcard info it kept erroring

    all in all after 90 minutes of frustration finally got 1!!
    Hopefully the damn thing is worth it :D

  10. Low #6200’s for me. Surprised they weren’t out of stock, or that the code wasn’t revoked, or that I could actually get and print my receipt on their website.

    Huh, it’ll be forever until it arrives, won’t it.

  11. Site seems to be speeding back up, 5 min.

    How long to the UK??? but for £15.80 + free shipping i don’t mind to much. anybody have a schematic so the UcLinux port can get underway?

  12. I can not find any documents or links to details about its development system. Development tools found for other Texas Instrument microprocessors are not in the price range of hobbyists (and amateurs).
    I did tried to order one kit in order to see if there are more details after registered for this purpose.
    It looks like their websites were running on a 4-bit processor (or this kit!). And it has an endless loop bug at “Check Out Now” phase, I have selected this button and it kept redisplay the same screen without acting on it or reject this action.
    Goodbye and good luck TI.

  13. @Paul – There’s a fantastic picture here:

    imgur’ed just in case TI’s servers can’t take the load…

    Discount went through, but can’t click the stupid “Pay With Card” button!

    Does anyone have any official reference for the deal, like when it expires? I want to be able to call them up tomorrow and say “Hey, your webstore was down, but I wanted to get in on this deal.”

  14. sweeeet, after some frustrating retry/ail/reload I got through and — $25, free shipping even to ICELAND! I wonder what will do with it.. I say it should be something to do with home security mounting an old htc phone on it,… or… semthing to do with beer something something… nice

  15. @Xandrios

    The Stellaris is an ARM cortex M3 core, to program them you will need FREE compiler CodeSourcery Lite. Get the ARM-EABI version, not the linux one (Different C libraries, the non linux one uses newlib which is better for embedded).

    Also, whilst I can’t speak for this kit my other Stellaris boards program just fine with OpenOCD using the libFTDI driver.

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