Android Oscilloscope

Here’s a 2-channel Oscilloscope for your Android phone. It uses a base module driven by a dsPIC for signal processing. From there, an LMX9838 Bluetooth module broadcasts the data to the phone so that the waveform can be displayed. [Yus] ported some Python code he had been using over to a set of Java and XML files in order to get it working on Android. This was actually the first time he worked with the SDK… we’d say he’s a quick learner. See it in action after the break.

[Thanks Gabriel]

31 thoughts on “Android Oscilloscope

  1. Any chance of getting this on Windows 7 mobile??????

    Ok ok ok , I’m Just kidding!!!(I’ll stick to dead baby jokes)

    Yes, I vomited a little when I said that…. Although if you did port this it would double the number of useful windows 7 mobile apps.

  2. Nice that instead of putting any type of useful voice over, he overlays his information video with some craptastic music.

    Hopefully I didn’t miss the naked pole grinding girls – I stopped watching 15 seconds in.

  3. Nice. I’d buy one in a heartbeat – talk about voltage isolation! Could have used something like this back when I was troubleshooting hybrid locomotives – trying to debug 350V DC circuits on a moving train is tricky. Would be especially useful when you don’t want to be standing right next to the circuit under test.

  4. Probably for the same reason mine is: IT’S OLD. The only thing better than this would be if they made a spectrum analyzer module (with tracking gen, of course) that would go up to 8GHz. I would have to sell one of the kids to have it though. :( The holidays just wouldn’t be the same.

  5. Oh man I HAD to go for the Omnia 2 because it’s WinMo’s last gasp, right?
    Gotta get in some WinMo fun while I still can right?
    Modern hardware combined with old OS and all the devs have jumped ship for either IOS, Android or WinPho7.


    However, this is really really cool for the folks who can make use of it.
    Nice work!!!

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