2600 Magazine Runs A Sale For The 20th Century Back Issues

In an effort to clear out some warehouse space, 2600 magazine has dropped the price for issues from 1984 to 2000 down to $2.50 each. If you haven’t read 2600, the Hacker Quarterly, shame on you. Pick some up and get reading. They are a resource beyond any other magazine out there for hacking and security related issues. They don’t gloss over the good bits either, they give detail because they know what they are talking about.  Just to further prove that point, we present to you, the image above. Yes that is a schematic of a bluebox on a child and yes, you can buy it in their store(the shirt).

19 thoughts on “2600 Magazine Runs A Sale For The 20th Century Back Issues

  1. The pixelate face is a joke, 2600 loves that kind of thing.

    I have been a 2600 reader/author for awhile now, and really do love the magazine. Admittedly some of the latest issues have had some articles of…debatable quality, but they have to take what they can get I suppose. People seem less and less inclined to actually write anymore, it is hard enough just getting them to read.

  2. I have most of them, but this will be a great and cheap opportunity to fill in the gaps.

    I hope they have a good supply of every one, I really want to get dupes of some of the better issues.

  3. i remember my cisco instructor in high school kept a file full of these, and always got the new ones, but wouldn’t let us sign up for it ourselves because she through we might end up on an FBI watchlist at the age of 17 or something. when asked if she was on a watchlist, she replied no, because she subscribed using a deceased former coworker’s name.

    first issue i read, there was an article on how to get the admin password to a cisco router using only the user account to see the encrypted admin password, then plugging it into a decrypter that was readily available. we tested it on our lab equipment. it worked :)

  4. I used to read this magazine all of the time, but unfortunately, I haven’t picked up an issue in a while. Before I go out and buy the latest one this weekend, does anyone have any recommendations for some back issues to pick up? Maybe four or five of your personal favorites?

  5. 2600 sometimes has has some good stuff in there I guess. I speak to one of the column authors regularly and know more than a few contributors myself. If you however pull your finger out and do a little google-fu you will find free zines that give much better and detailed information not just the latest teenager whingefest or canned exploit.

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