Internships: Have Fun While Working Toward A Career

Attention Students: Living your life with a devil-may-care attitude will soon come to an end… But while you’re at it, take the summer away from your normal school’s-out activities to hack together something cool while tricking family into thinking it’s good for the career.

That link will take you to Waterloo Labs’ announcement that they’re hiring four paid interns this summer. You’ll need a bucketful of hacking skills from mechanical, to electrical, to coding (or any combination thereof). If the name doesn’t strike a bell be warned; these guys and gals do things like riding the roof of remote-control cars, and playing video games with real armaments.

Is your company offering similarly radical internships? We’d love to connect some hardcore hackers with good summer homes. Send a tweet a to Mike (@szczys) so that we can post an internships follow-up with more opportunities.

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5 thoughts on “Internships: Have Fun While Working Toward A Career

  1. Went to my first job fair this past fall as a sophomore in electrical engineering. One thing I found is that when you go around and talk to reps from companies at a big engineering school like mine(purdue), everyone has engineering experience and computer skills; Its the crazy things you do in your bedroom with your computer and parts you pulled from some old toys that separates you from everyone else.(being a natural born US citizen who speaks perfect english helped a surprising amount too)

  2. Government Research Labs always have good internship programs. These range from HS students to college kids, to postdocs. And they have more positions than you probably think are available in areas ranging from chemistry to physics, to astrophysics, to signals, to CS, to EE, to security, to human factors, and everything in between.

    And for those that are worried about working for the man, many of the projects benefit the scientific community at large.

    Some trees to bark up:
    MIT Lincoln Labs, outside Boston
    John’s Hopkins APL, outside Baltimore
    Air Force Research Lab Rome, NY
    Army Research Lab Adelphi, MD
    Naval Research Lab, in DC
    various NASA labs (DC area to Louisiana to Florida)
    DOE has one (can’t remember where)

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