Kinect, Mouse, And Nerf Gun Combine For House Of The Dead

[Tony Blanch] built his own motion controller for playing House of the Dead. It should work with any shooter that follows the ‘rail’ type of game play (your character is not free walking, but moves along a set path beyond your control).

Two parts come together to make this happen. The first is the Nerf dart gun that you see above. The circuit board fitted into the top portion of the plastic housing is from a five-button wireless mouse. The buttons are used to sense trigger pulls from the player. The second portion of the controller is a Kinect. It has been set up to work with a Windows 7 machine. [Tony] used the Flexible Action and Articulated Skeleton Toolkit (FAAST) to bind and track the gun controller, moving the mouse cursor on the screen to match the movements of the weapon. Check out the video after the break to see how responsive this system is.

This is a very interesting departure from the gun controllers we’ve seen before.


[Thanks Jared via Kinect Hacks]

5 thoughts on “Kinect, Mouse, And Nerf Gun Combine For House Of The Dead

  1. @ Kaz

    Not only that, but I have the game from the video on the Wii. And when you put the Wiimote in the plastic gun container, you’ll get exactly the same result…

    And that is the whole point! All the on-rail shooters available already have the ability to play the game with commercial available guns. I was more impressed if the whole system was used in pc FPS games. So the final result would be something like Killzone 3 uses the Playstation Move…

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