Roll Away Clock Becomes A Programmable Rover

The parts laid bare in the picture above all make up a roll away alarm clock that flees when you don’t get out of bed. It’s an interesting idea, but considering most folks don’t sleep on hardwood floors we can understand why [TheRafMan] was able to pick this gem up for under $5. That’s quite a deal because there’s a very usable LCD module at the top. But for this hack, he focused on using the gearhead motors to make a programmable rover.

In order to make this programmable [TheRafMan] had to add a microcontroller. He chose an Arduino variant, called the Ardweeny. It’s a board that piggy-backs the ATmega328. But he didn’t use a stock Ardweeny; he’s altered it to play nicely with jumper wire. The uC is able to interface with the gearhead motors thanks to an L293D h-bridge motor driver chip. As you can see in the clip after the jump, the rover can now be driven around using a Wii Nunchuck or via a USB connection. If you’ve got a Bluetooth module lying around it wouldn’t be hard to make this a wireless solution that can be controlled with the accelerometers in a Wii remote.


11 thoughts on “Roll Away Clock Becomes A Programmable Rover

  1. Its almost zen-like in it’s assertion: the existential question of whether a video exist if there is noone who can watch it brings up questions of our own mortality. Thank you, vimeo, for this interesting piece of art in my day to day life!

    Yah, video doesn’t exist.

  2. If we consider a situation in which there is no people with working sight and they are using screenreaders to confirm that video indeed exists, your question is answered.

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    HAD needs to start hosting it’s own videos. Trolling the blog comments at lunch time has got kind of boring now.

  4. Hey Ren,

    I got mine at Staples, they were clearing them out last month; I purchased a couple but didn’t do anything with one until last week. The sad thing is that the Clocky on the web site is the same unit which makes one wonder what kind of markup they have…

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