Awesome Portable N64 Keeps Your Games In Hand, Out Of Sight


[David] recently wrote us to share the portable Nintendo 64 he constructed with the help of the friendly people over at the ModdedbyBacteria forums. We are no strangers to N64 portables, as you may have noticed, but this one was just too good to pass up.

Sheathed in a metallic blue case, this console is an instant standout among the other portable N64 mods we have seen. As you would expect, he trimmed down an N64 console board and some various controller bits in order to fit them into the case, finishing it off with a 5″ PSOne display panel. A small fan protrudes out of the back side of the device, which seemed out of place at first. However, it not only keeps the console cool, but it can serve as a bit of a “kickstand” as well, if the console is placed on a flat surface. [David] also added a dongle for the bottom of the console, which allows him to use an external N64 controller if he so desires.

To be honest, one of our favorite features is that the game cartridges do not stick up from the back of the case when inserted. He included just enough room to allow the game to be completely hidden while playing.  Nice job!

Continue reading to see a video build log and demonstration of his portable N64.


19 thoughts on “Awesome Portable N64 Keeps Your Games In Hand, Out Of Sight

  1. Like it, dont love it. Portable is the purpose of handheld. Orig. gameboy knew that above sega. A hack… yes. But some how I feel jipped that its mostly a case mod thats just as thick as the n64 itself. Kudos for your time and effort. With the case in the video its obvious your proud of your work and should be. Just far from portable.

  2. i wish it would have had more about how he designed and built it
    looked like vaccuform?

    mods are cool and all, but, it’s just been done
    i also like how the game doesn’t stick up

  3. i mean the ideal gaming controller for people with the average number of fingers would have a couple thumbsticks up front, clickable of course, and 8 strategically/ergonomically placed buttons on the back, or 16.. really, if you had 26 buttons on the back and 2 thumbsticks, people would adapt & learn to type with it, like texting in your pocket before phones had touchscreens. the thumbsticks would serve as space/symbols and you could always pull up the onscreen keyboard because joysticks are easier than learning a new typing style.

  4. Once again the angle of the A and B buttons has been changed. Leave it! 135 degrees is perfect, no thumb movement is necessary.
    Lovely portable anyway. Very good case.

  5. +64 internets for use of Forsaken music!

    @Maave: bzzzzt! Wrong! With the buttons in the original orientation, you can press A with your thumb knuckle, and B with the tip. It’s perfect, like B and Y on the SNES. Face facts; the NES/GB/GBA way–horizontally, like this mod–is simply inferior.

    The rest of the build is sweet, though! However, even though I love the 2nd player “pod” cable (it even has the numbering divots!) I think I would have modded an external controller with a matching paint job, internal (optional) rumble pak, and rumble power supplied by the main battery.

  6. It’s pretty cool. As others have said, it’s quite bulky but I could still imagine myself laid back on my couch playing some GoldenEye.

    The finish is great, looks very professional. The layout of the controller seems a bit awkward but I guess you’d get used to it.

    Sure this kinda thing is done quite often. But it’s still nice to see a project that someone has spent so much time on and put so much effort into creating the perfect finish.

    Good job David :)

  7. very nice looking portable, but judging by the button placement (C buttons on the bottom quarter of the case for one thing) it does not look like it would be comfortable for any kind of extended play

  8. Fantastic stuff.

    Biggi bought one of my cases and followed the how to build the system from my N64 video guides and being part of my forum (link at end of his video), and he did an amazing job; the external port is better on his than mine, ie neater for sure. The videos are excellent too. Fantastic!

    The N64 is a great console system, great games and not expensive to buy; making your own portable is an excellent hobby and a lot of fun!

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