Real-time GPS Tracker With Mobile Phone Uplink

[jayesh] wasn’t actually trying to solve any clever problems when we built his homebrew GPS tracker. He just had the hacker mentality and wanted to build something fun and useful while geeking out with electronics and software.

On the hardware side, he started with an Arduino, then added a GPS module for location detection and a GMS/GPRS module for the data uplink to his server over AT&T’s network. The Arduino uses several libraries and plenty of custom code. On the server, he worked up some wizardry with open-source packages and the Google Maps API. All of the source code and hardware details are well-documented. Put together, it’s a GPS tracker that can update a map in real-time. Sure, there are commercial products that do roughly the same thing, but where’s the fun in that? The principles here can also be put to good use in other microcontroller-based projects.

12 thoughts on “Real-time GPS Tracker With Mobile Phone Uplink

  1. I understand that English is not these sellers native language, but couldn’t they at least try to have it translated properly? Maybe have someone who speaks it natively check it over for obvious mistakes. How can feel confidant that this product is as advertised when I can’t even understand the whole advertisement?

  2. Cool! It was my plan to build something exactly like this when I own a valuable car, in place of the traditional useless, wolf-crying, PITA alarm system.

    Thanks for saving me the work! :P

  3. This hardware is becoming common and easily accessible. US Auto Ins. companies are releasing ODB-II loggers that consist of a CDMA modem, GPS module, all in a ODB powered interface with ARM uC brain.

    If you manage to find one of these, its a boatload of good parts. I think it would be possible to change the MEID on the cdma module, dunno. I doubt it is as locked down as say an Android phone. (which kills itself if it’s esn is changed)

    They are used for logging distance and location data, speed and engine stats directly over the air to the auto ins. companies servers so they can prorate your policy. Very big brother imo.

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