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[Trav] was pondering virtual reality and decided it was no longer all that it was cracked up to be, so he created an experience in what he calls “Remote Reality”. While we have seen many installations over the years that allow people to remotely interact with objects across the globe, his Orbduino project consists of more than simply toggling lights on and off (though he’ll let you do that too).

In his house, he has set up a robotic playground of sorts that allows anyone who visits a chance to play around with the robotic arm he has installed there. The arm is situated in a pen filled with random objects which can be stacked and moved around. He also promises to show you something fun, provided you can guide the arm to pick up an object and hold it against the target positioned outside the pen.

He didn’t forget the obligatory remote light controls either. You can turn the overhead lights on and off, as well as control a multi-colored orb situated in the corner of the room. Most of the project’s interface is done with an Arduino Mega, which handles the robot arm interface, as well as messing with the light installations.

If you have some free time, swing by his site and give the robotic arm a try. It’s a fun little time waster that you will likely enjoy.  Just make sure to take it easy on his web server!

8 thoughts on “Internet-controlled Robotic Arm

  1. Somebody needs to combine this with adult video “cams”. They will make millions.

    Might have to somehow limit the range of motion and or torque though. Could be a problem otherwise.

  2. In 2004 (before the Arduino existed), I actually did this with a simpler robotic arm (the OWI-007 Robotic Arm Trainer), a CGI script written in Visual Basic to control its parallel port interface, and a camcorder and frame grabber card.

    For what it was, it worked acceptably, but latency was extremely problematic, as the arm’s motors would keep moving until commanded to stop. (I should have implemented timed movements, as in another telepresence robot called V-Car, and a “real” video streamer.)

  3. I want to reboot a PC booted in DOS from a remote PC connected to LAN ( PC is booted using Pendrive in DOS).
    How can i do it ? Do i require a robot arm to do it?

    Any tools available in market?

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