Adding Remote Touch Control To The Kaoss Pad


[Munki] enjoys using his Kaoss Pad MIDI controller to add a new dimension to his music while playing guitar. The only thing that bothers him about the Kaoss Pad interface is that it can be difficult to trigger or alter effects in the middle of a bitchin’ guitar solo. He started looking around to see if there was a way to control the Kaoss Pad wirelessly via a touchscreen and found that with a little tweaking, his iPhone was a perfect candidate for the job.

He grabbed a copy of TouchOSC from the AppStore and configured it to communicate with his computer. After building an interface for his iPhone, he taped it to his guitar and gave it a try. Everything seemed to work pretty well, but he didn’t stop there – he also wanted to control Ableton Live and Max MSP from his iPhone. It took a bit of research and some tinkering with the Live API, but he eventually got everything working together nicely as you can see in the video below.

If you are interested in trying this out yourself, he has several useful links throughout his article, and he has made his TouchOSC/Max MSP patch available for download as well.

[vimeo w=470]

8 thoughts on “Adding Remote Touch Control To The Kaoss Pad

  1. I’ve used TouchOSC a lot in the past, it’s a great app.

    Just thought I’d mention it might also be pretty easy to use this app

    …with an Arduino and Midi Shield to do something similar, possibly even with ease.

    I’m still evaluating the Ciao app to see how EZ is really is to use, which if it is… then the $4.99 app price is nothing. TouchOSC was $2.99 when I purchased before, but requires more custom software interfaces.

  2. Pretty Cool Setup:) Still, looks a little hard for me to use, with such a small screen. Also, I don’t have a Mobile Phone of any kind, either. I wonder if I could get the same EFX by using the MIDI function on my Vamp-2?


  3. I have had several questions like this since posting my KP3 videos, Love most stuff made by KORG and glad to see someone making this little device more useful. Now for a free alternative for Android based phones and I can join in :P.

  4. Hello, yeah I also thought about using the arduino combined with midi and wifi shild. With this setup it would be possible to do it without PC. The only reason I dodn’t continue this was the expensive Wifi shield.

  5. I have a similar setup i put together a year or so ago, however no pc and no iphone. The wireless device is a hacked touchpad with an arduino acting as PS/2 host which transmits between two nrfs – the latter of which is mounted to another arduino in a stompbox. The box has 8 buttons and 3 large pots and spits midi data out to the KP3. Helps with sampling on the fly at live gigs. Check out DS3 on Facebook or youtube for some vids.

  6. The idea of using an iphone/ipod to xmit XY data to the Kaoss Pad is pretty sick tho as you could easily use it to store and transmit samples to and from the kp3 as well – would just need to rig up some rcas to go to the line in and outs on the korg….making the audio transmission wireless would prob not be so difficult a task either..

  7. IS IT POSSIBLE to somehow
    control guitar with xy pad without converting the line signal into midi?
    You know there is that ampkit link device and software, where you can use your iphone as a processor (they have delays, compressors, overdrives). Is it somehow possible to hav e this tipe of guitar xy controlling?

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