Hackaday Links: Monday, May 30th

Huge, fully functional NES game pad replica


Students at Dutch TU Delft university recently built a huge replica of the original NES controller (Google Translation), which is fully functional and can be used to play games on a large display screen they also installed. How big is it, you ask? It’s about 6 meters wide – over 30 times the size of the original NES game pad and requires participants to jump on the buttons to play.

Convert any image to G-code


Members of [Forskningsavdelningen], a Swedish hackerspace, are working on software that will allow users to vectorize bitmap images in order to convert them to G-code files for CNC milling. A good portion of the project is complete, but there is still a bit of work to do, so you won’t see it in action for a while. When it’s ready, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Convert your lame Dead Space plasma cutter into a bonafide laser weapon


If you forked out big bucks for the special edition of Dead Space 2, you know how lame the included plasma cutter replica is. Check out this video, that shows you how to convert your LED toy to a dual laser, fire starting, laser pistol. The process is pretty simple, so what are you waiting for?

Synchronized, LED-lit juggling balls


[Jonathan] wrote in to share a project he and some friends have just finished. He’s not sharing a ton of details at the moment, but he has put up a video showing off their wireless LED juggling balls. All we know is that they use bright RGB LEDS, Zigbees for communication, and that they are awesome. We can’t wait to hear more about them!

Water cooled PS3 Laptop


[Pirate] recently unveiled his latest work, a water-cooled Playstation 3 laptop. It looks pretty sharp, and can undoubtedly rival some of Ben Heck’s work, even if it does have an external PSU. Obviously having a separate power component isn’t necessarily ideal, but when you are cramming all of that water cooling goodness into such a small package, something has to give!

5 thoughts on “Hackaday Links: Monday, May 30th

  1. Water cooled PS3.. Same thing im working on so im goin to be a little critical here. Im just not focusing on it being a laptop. Kudos to that, but the fact you have an external unit to lug around, besides the laptop, seems to void (imo) the purpose of it being a laptop. Water cooling is premo, but the extra junk being next to the ps3 is an eye sore and messes with my ocd. But i have to thank you. If it wasnt for that being the trend, i prob wouldnt feel as pushed to create an all in one as i am.

  2. That PS3 laptop looks pretty dodgy. Black case held together with silver button head screws? The cable from the power supply looks like it’s held together with electrical tape. Probably best not to comment on the photo of the internals.

    Ben Heck’s work may have the same questionably utility but other than that it’s in a different league.

  3. “Will not work in hot weather.”

    Yeah, that’s not due to the coolant being hot; its own heatsink can’t get below ambient temp either.

    I dunno, for a thousand bucks I could buy a good monitor with a PS3 and a bag to carry them in.

  4. “held together with silver button head screws?”

    I agree 100%. It would have looked a lot better with some nice black countersunk machine screws. Hopefully he’ll consider that on his future builds.

    Looks like it was a fun project to design and build, though.

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