Crazy Slingshot Guy At It Again With A 220 Lb Steel Ball Cannon


Good old [Jörg Sprave].

That guy just doesn’t quit building insane slingshots. If he’s not honing his machete slinging skills in preparation for the zombie apocalypse, he’s blowing out car windows with giant steel balls.

The huge cannon you see above is modeled off a small slingshot he made a while back, which fired 8mm steel bearings. In its larger form, the slingshot is said to be ten times the size of it’s smaller brother, firing 80mm steel balls with incredible force. In the video below, [Jörg] and his friends cart the slingshot out to a huge empty field where they run it through its paces on several different objects. Their first shot flies about 220 yards into a high tension tower, after which the boys aim their sights on an old car.

The power with which the slingshot fires is definitely impressive. With a few well-placed shots, the car is pretty much done for.

Now that we’ve seen [Jörg] fire off saw blades, machetes, and giant ball bearings, we can’t wait to see what comes next!


23 thoughts on “Crazy Slingshot Guy At It Again With A 220 Lb Steel Ball Cannon

    1. It was actually the 4:th world war that he was saying we’ll use sticks and stones, we’ll probably destroy the world in the 3:rd one.

      This guy is crazy, it’s hard to believe you can fire such a heavy ball at that kind of speed with a slingshot.

  1. Ummm, for some reason I think this title is wrong… there is no way that an 80mm sphere of steel weighs anywhere near 100kg (220#)
    80mm sphere has a 4cm radius, and a volume of 268cc. Steel has a density around 8g/cc which gives me 2200 grams or just under 5 pounds

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