Update: Bluetooth Super Nintendo Controller For Android

[Rich’s] newest version of a Bluetooth connected Super Nintendo controller takes what was already good and makes it better. We looked at the original version back in May, which is built into a knockoff controller  — [Rich] mentions that he got a lot of flack for defacing retro equipment and wants to set the record straight. The most notable difference between the two controllers is that the batteries are now housed inside the case. He switched over to an 850 mAh Lithium Ion battery, which takes much less room than the four AA batteries did. There is an integrated charger which connects via a mini USB jack as seen in the image above. Bother versions of the controller can be used to play emulators without rooting your Android device.

Unfortunately you won’t get to look inside the case. What we can tell you is that the build no longer uses a BlueSMiRF board , opting for a less expensive Bluetooth solution. We also know that the build is still Arduino compatible, sporting an ATmega328 chip running the bootloader. The lack of detail is because [Rich] is working to market the controller with a limited-quantity preorder. Check out his video presentation of the new version after the break.


7 thoughts on “Update: Bluetooth Super Nintendo Controller For Android

    1. You think touchscreen controls are the shiznit for everything? What kind of drugs are you on?

      Oh, and Android users have access to emulators for consoles, such as the SNES. With an HDMI port, that’s awesome on a TV. With a kickstand, it’s nice for when you’re stuck somewhere bored. Controllers aren’t that much bigger than a phone.

      Then again, you automatically assumed it was a phone. “Android” does not apply to just phones.

  1. great build, and the skill: it looks professional.

    personally i’d do whatever i could (hardware-wise) to pull AWAY from my cellphone+gps+telcom+unencryptedGPScellDB.TXT, but maybe thats just me…

    but my rant above is deemed nul & void becuase this project works with ALL bluetooth capable devices,,, so it could be a wireless control for a desktop+emulator, or even non-nintendo games like laptop+powerpoint! so it becomes multi-useful. AKA it’s for more then just Android.

    maybe even a winamp control??? hehe this guy has a LOT of followup coding to do for himself, add BTmouse&BTkeyboard and the remote itself is only the start…

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