A CD Changer Made Of Wood

Although this is by no means a new hack – it was made circe 2002 – this wooden CD changer is an interesting piece of machinery. The whole thing is a simple pick-and-place device. The gripper is brilliant in it’s simplicity, using only a rubber band, wood, and a solenoid. It grips the CD by the middle hole, picks it up, and the assembly then travels to the CD tray or the stack. Everything works with DC motors and string, and several micro-switches make sure everything is picked up and dropped in the correct position.

Although we may think this is a pretty cool device, [Matthias] is quite humble about his machine’s abilities. In his estimation, although one could probably duplicate 12 CDs with relative ease, if you really wanted to duplicate a large number, it’d be best to buy one. Maybe he works in manufacturing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7axt7Tr-j8&w=470&h=315%5D

In case you’d like another way to change your CDs, check out this machine powered by an Arduino instead of a PC.

15 thoughts on “A CD Changer Made Of Wood

  1. Dupe of a Dupe.. 2011, 2006, 2004

    It’s still a cool design, I built one like it to rip 900 CD’s a friend had loaned me. I gave them back to him but did not delete the mp3’s and underhandedly destroyed the music industry… Executives living in the streets begging for food..

  2. @fartface: So it was YOU!!!!

    Update to a Blueray drive, add a carousel, finally a homemade jukebox for those DRM encumbered BlueRay discs that I can’t legally copy and place on my server.

    Oh, wait, never mind, I forgot I refuse to buy anything blueray because of the DRM. Carry on.

    Still that would be a cool addition to this build, I think.

  3. Yep when I saw the pic I instantly knew it had to be a repost and clicked to see I was right. I know its tough for the writers to find something that will not be criticized though. So what if its a repost

    On a side note, it does say something about HaD viewers if after 6 years they can spot a repost from a single picture.

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