Spring Clamp Tripod Mount Has Potential

Admittedly this post is flirting with flamebait, but we think the concept of using a spring clamp as an iPhone tripod mount has a lot of hacking potential. Hear us out, and if we havn’t made our case you can rant about it in the comments.

[Joe] wanted an easy way to mount his iPhone on a standard tripod. We’ve seen some creative solutions for this, like using Sugru to make a removable bracket. But he went a different route, using a cheap spring clamp to grip the phone body. These plastic clamps are like over-powered clothespins, and use a screw as the pivot point. [Joe] replaced the stock screw with a longer one, then used a coupling nut which will attach to the tripod. A bit of foam on the pads of the clamp protect your device from the plastic teeth.

It’s a fine solution (if you don’t mind putting that pressure on your smart phone). But we think this would be a great way to build your own heavy-duty third hand. It would be right at home with this modular solder platform. See [Joe’s] how-to video embedded after the break.


17 thoughts on “Spring Clamp Tripod Mount Has Potential

  1. The next version should use some type of pressure sensor and a servo motor to apply the pressure to the clamp, just enough… but not too much. Powered by the all powerful Arduino! Maybe a automatic leveling system? eh?

    1. Hey now… Remember the no complaining rule! We are not allowed to point out that something is not a hack anymore because it made people cry. Now go enjoy your nice warm bottle of formula and take a nap.

    2. I don’t know. I still consider that whole idea censorship. “Only say nice things…” So if a crap project comes up I can’t express myself. Not on MY INTERNET! lol but srsly just ban me if I’m being rude.

    3. Hey, it’s not just an iPhone clamp, it’s an idea for clamping anything with a tripod: lamps and flashlights, tools, levels, all kinds of cool things.

      Here’s the deal: even if you can’t think of something usable about a posting here, if someone else does, doesn’t that make it worthwhile?

  2. I made one of these years ago out of a US-made Pony (Jorgensen) spring clamp. I just tacked it onto a piece of 3/8-inch round steel wire with my MIG welder. Then it’s just a matter of sticking it into a bench vise, or making a solid steel base out of scrap steel. Still bouncing around the garage…somewhere…? :3

  3. While this was made with an iPhone as an example, I would assume it will work for any other camera enabled phone. Personally I prefer the 8MP camera in my Android-powered device (if only it didn’t shoot in stupid .3gp format)

    Anything that blocks the screen seems like it would be a hassle for operation though, especially for taking pictures or video. I’d prefer something that holds via the sides. It’d also be nice to get the lens centered over the axis of rotation (at least for the pan-axis)

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