Voting Is Open For The Buildlounge Laser Cutter Contest

A few months ago, Buildlounge and Full Spectrum Laser started a contest to win a 40 Watt laser cutter. The only requirement? Submit a project that uses light in some way. The deadline is now over and voting is open, right on the page.

First place gets a 40 Watt laser cutter provided by Full Spectrum Laser. Second place is a neat green laser courtesy of Wicked Lasers, and Third place is an EL wire starter kit  from Adafruit.

There’s a lot of really awesome projects that were submitted for this contest. The laser terminal looks really cool, as does the friggin huge LED wall and choreographed light show. We would be remiss if we neglected to mention that there’s a home-made x-ray machine in the running, and of course there’s the mathematical precision of fellow Hack a Day-er [Jack]’s solar clock that isn’t a sundial.

The guys at Buildlounge got a lot of submissions for this project, so head on over and vote for your favorite. The winners will be announced next week, Friday, the 13th of January.

22 thoughts on “Voting Is Open For The Buildlounge Laser Cutter Contest

      1. It was also mentioned a few times when projects where posted that are entries in the contest (like the portable X-Ray). If you missed the contest, then you’re not paying attention.

  1. i see a problem with this contest it is now january 3 2012 and this hack entry was added today

    now the entry deadline has passed.

    i think you may want to make the deadline further out or make contests top priority when adding new hacks to the site.

    1. X-rays are not light though. Interesting to see buildlounge letting them compete anyway.

      I can’t wait for a PIC contest because I have an arduino project all ready……

      The guy with the white LED glued to some plywood appears to have found a proxy server. 20,345 votes… hahah.

    2. @Daid

      These are always popularity contests….in this case the “LED glued to plywood” guy is obviously cheating. Last time I checked he had more votes then buildlounge has viewers.

      There’s not even any verification that the project was done by the person who entered. I entered someone elses project just to prove a point. See if you can guess which one.

      I really want the guy who painted a lightbulb to win though.

      1. Hey.
        I am the guy who made the lamp.
        I just want to point out that I did not cheat.
        Yes i saw the numbers go up, and it was a mystery for me to.
        I have never expected so many votes, why? because I am a humble person and I now the other entries are much better.
        Why entering you say: 1 because it is a light contest 2 instructables has some legal issues with international entries so I could not enter their light contest.

        I just want to clear my name, because i love the hacker and maker community and I hope to be a part of it for a long time.

  2. I’m the owner of a Full Spectrum 40W laser and while it’s cool to have, and works (woo! lasers!), the company is really hard to deal with (Ocean Marketing style).

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