RFID Reader Gets User Inputs And Smart Card Write Capability

[Navic] added a slew of abilities to his RFID reader. It’s now a full-featured RFID reader and smart card writer with extras. When we looked at it last time the unit was just an RFID and smart card reader in a project enclosure. You could see the RFID code of a tag displayed on the LCD screen, but there wasn’t a lot more to it than that.

The upgrade uses the same project enclosure but he’s added four buttons below the display. These allow him to access the different features that he’s implemented. The first one, which is shown in the video after the break, allows him to store up to six tags in the EEPROM of the Basic Stamp which drives the unit. He can dump these tag codes to a smart card (pictured above), but also has the option of interfacing with a PC to read from and write to that card.

We don’t think you can directly write RFID tags with the device, but we could be wrong.


4 thoughts on “RFID Reader Gets User Inputs And Smart Card Write Capability

  1. wow, amazing. Can’t wait for you to set us up with a way to actually purchase this, i’ve been waiting for a long long time now. Hopefully the price-tag isn’t way over a hundred or so dollars.

  2. EEEeeeewwwwwwwe….. BASIC Stamp… gross. Should just use ASM with raw PIC’s or AVR bro, simple enough of a project. Or if you *MUST* use a high level language, at least use C on a proper chip like an ARM.

    Also if need more power-off space, instead of getting a “better” BASIC Stamp like you are, you should use an external 8 pin I2C EEPROM. Or go nuts and use a SD card through SPI and have GB’s of storage. Oh! and one can NEVER get putty line feeds to work 100% it would seem.

    My two cents 5 months late.

    Nice work BTW. You can catch me on the forms at Electro-tech-online if you want more info. Same name as here.

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