Human-shaped Planes Troll NYC


It looks like a genetic leap has unleashed the age of mutants, but this is really just a few guys trolling New York City with some custom RC aircrafts. The video after the break shows the fliers up close. They’re pretty much full size, we’d guess 5’10” from head to heel. The outstretched arms and body act as wings, while the legs act as ailerons and rudders. But from afar (or even a medium distance) it’s quite difficult to make out the flat surfaces… they look like office workers loosed from their cubicles. Unfortunately we don’t have more than a flight demo to share with you. If you know where to find build info (or any extra details at all actually) don’t forget to send in a tip We wonder if these are the same guy who made the flying hero we posted back in July?

There’s another nugget of delight right at the beginning of the video. A sweet octocopter which looks much like this one was used to capture the aerial footage.

[Thanks Jonathan]

30 thoughts on “Human-shaped Planes Troll NYC

  1. LOL, that’s amazing!I would love to see the reaction of someone seeing one of these dudes comming over a building, “OH MY GOD, It’s a jumper!! Wow, he’s got some hang time.” I wonder you could make guys like this with mylar?

    1. Yes, I’m sure hilarity would ensue watching the reaction of people on the ground mistaking these toys for people jumping from a building. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night for the past 10 years remembering just how “funny” it was to see people jumping out of the World Trade Center buildings to their deaths. Thanks, Hirudinea and Hack-A-Day, you suck!

  2. Glad you guys thought it was as interesting as I did. Next I would love to see one with a Cape. How awesome would that be to do for a kids party? Srsly considering getting into RC just to build one to make my 6yo nephew believe superheroes are real

  3. old news, with no backstory or explanation. i don’t even notice if it’s any kind of a “hack” anymore, obviously even pr stunts for movies are good enough to be called “hacks” on this site.

    that’s my hackaday !!

  4. {wots the plural of “aircraft”? Sheepz?}

    Oh oh, TERRORISM ALERT – flying zombie attack!

    Remember what happened with the LED throwies?

    Should we bake them a cake containing a zipfile?

    1. Are you kidding me…? Youtube’s gay auto-selection of text when I clicked the Embed button, then hit ctrl-c, failed me, yet again. How it missed one bracket is beyond me… Sorry guys.. still waiting for a fucking edit button….

      You guys do realize it’s really just about as simple as adding an addon feature to a PHPBB or SMF forum database? Like you can just download some sort of pre-made “post edit” script, for your blog.

      This rant has become a self realization that one or more people running hackaday, either don’t care about user input, are too lazy to add a damn script to their server, orrrr are actually just that incompetent at html and think it’s impossible… they seem to make us believe they haven’t added the edit post button, like “sorry guys we would but it just isn’t possible/feasible!!”.

      In all seriousness though, I have seen more than enough guys having to reply to their own posts over some stupid little mistake they made in a comment. It’s getting a bit ridiculous, and I for one am getting ready to boycott hackaday, or at least commenting on their posts, there’s no point.

      1. How do you edit something that you can’t verify you wrote? HaD has no login buttons in general outside the forum section so how can they verify you’re trying to edit what -you- wrote?

        First they need to make registered/verified accounts, then those can use an edit button. Anonymous posters won’t get the option of course.

      2. Hackaday runs on WordPress (the actual hosting service, not just the open source blog software — see page footer), which does support editing of comments, I guess they just have it disabled. If you make a login at you can actually use it to login to Hackaday and post comments under your account. When you’re logged in you’ll see the WordPress bar at the top of the page, too.

      3. You guys have a good point there… the comments here have remained mostly anonymous and as such, you’re right, no way in verifying who I am.

        I do have a wordpress account and I should go log in right now, but you’re saying it still won’t allow you to edit your comments?


  5. You can do this with almost anything using a 5+ pound thrust motor, like they do. Aerodynamics just make air-time better.

    I agree on this being the most interesting thing in 2011..

  6. I would like to see a team-up; these guys, and the University of Pennsylvania team responsible for the squad of micro-quadcopters .
    Say, a score of synchronised human-shaped planes flying formation, eh?

  7. ROFL …

    “wha? … is that superman? superman’s real ?!?!?!? whaaa?!?!”

    (10 seconds later)
    “are we seeing the same thing man?”

    gotta make a superman ROFL

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