Arduino Compatible Home Automation For Smart Phone Or Voice Control

[Joseph] wrote in to share this home automation system he’s working on as a college project. He calls it the Room Engine and the house-side of the hardware is built on top of the circuit you see here. This is the most basic part of the REBoard, which is meant to connect to a computer uses RS232 or USB, and in turn use a set of relays to switch mains voltage devices.

You can follow the bread crumb on his webpage to get a broader video of the system. The interface is designed to use two parts. One is a voice recognition system that is supported by the computer. The other is an iOS interface that includes login credentials and a button-based control system. The video after the break shows off the smart phone portion of the controller. We think he’s done a good job of integrating a few appliances without the need for commercial products such as X10 modules.

If you’re just interested in switching a few things without cord’s reach of each other this can get it done, and offers scheduling functionality. It would also be pretty easy to set this up with a WiFi module and do away with the PC.

2 thoughts on “Arduino Compatible Home Automation For Smart Phone Or Voice Control

  1. mhm , if you just instead of controlling relays , hot-wire to a remote for wireless outlets ?
    you have wire-less control no clutter – action range is a bit lower but hey !. usb-micro controller on Open-wrt Router – hey presto autonomous system. that if recieves a client with a certain MAC adress connects to the WiFi enables certain lights or doors for that matter.

    Possibilities are endless.

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