Hipster Chandelier

This chandelier is something we’d expect to see on sale in the local gallery store. [Starkec] made it a couple of years back and we just love the look. The materials are pretty common, and you can throw it together in an afternoon.

The diffuser are made from clear glass soda bottles. After removing the labels and giving them a good cleaning, they were each set upside down and sprayed with some glass frosting spray. A four-conductor telephone wire serves both as the support for the bottle and electrical path for the RGB LED inside of each. The original screw cap for the bottles makes it a twist to install them after the soldering is done. There are two common color buses so that alternating colors can be shown at the same time. After seeing the video we think you’ll agree that the wiring scheme makes for some great animated effects.

[Thanks Craig]

16 thoughts on “Hipster Chandelier

  1. Different, because wouldn’t put it in my living room, I’m probably not a hipster. Now I wished I had save more of those returnable mountain Dew bottles. I would use it in that shop office toilet addition I hope to add on someday. I need to venture into mom’s utility cellar there may seem in the stash of pop bottles dad used for home brew.

  2. Telephone wire makes awful secure connection for things as dangerous as bottles. I’d recommend some sort of thin aircraft cable to also go into this for safety.

  3. So is anything that makes some attempt at a non-traditional sense of style automatically hipster, or is this just a standard computer nerd vocabulary failure?

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