Heading To MakerFaire Kansas City

Today, I’m heading out to Makerfaire Kansas City. I plan on covering this event quite extensively. If you see me, don’t hesitate to come up and introduce yourself. I may even have a custom cut vinyl hackaday sticker left for you. Since we are Hackaday, I plan on trying to get into the details and get interviews following [Ian Lesnet’s] lead. We don’t just want to see a neat thing on a table, we want to know how it works and what roadblocks that person ran into. See you there!


9 thoughts on “Heading To MakerFaire Kansas City

  1. I’m planning to be there with some impromptu “something” @ the CCKC booth if it tests out ok for a few more hours.. teaser perhaps but some hacks are a learn more from failure forensics experience :}

    By the way- Anyone Hackerspace connected etc -if you are coming to KC for Faire and needing a camping spot 50 miles north of KC- campdownunderdot com is the addy of where we are- tell the desk you are with Hackerspaces and Fri thru sunday tent camping is on me upon showing “some proof” of Hackery etc. Counter folks reserve the right to call me for approval of course, but – I’m giving Hackerspace folks en route to/from faire this year a free camping pass fri/sat/sunday this week only. Password is FNORD

  2. Please seek out and say hi to Dave & Becky D. who started Hammerspace KC hacker space. I’m sure they’d love to chat and they’re amazing people. Oh an go get some Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ.

  3. I’m always broke by this time of the month arrives. Tomorrow is Field Day. The closest FD site is 20 minutes or so away, KC about five hours, so practicality has to rule:( Dammit. Looking forward to your report Caleb. Safe travels, to everyone headed that way…

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