Mechanical Skeeball Built From Knex

We don’t really know what to say. This Skeeball cabinet is built entirely from Knex. It works exactly how you’d expect Skeeball to work. You plug in quarter and it dispenses balls and keeps score.

[Shadowman39] worked on the build for more than a year. Everything that went into it is a Knex part with the exception of a few rubber bands, and the paper numbers that are used on the scoreboard. There are six motors which drive the machine. Four of them are responsible for turning the scoreboard digits, the others handle ball return.

The link at the top starts off with a bunch of images of the various parts, but you’ll want to watch the video after the break for a closer look. It shows the coin hopper in greater detail. It’s built to only accept quarters and to reject all other coins.

[Thanks Bobby]

18 thoughts on “Mechanical Skeeball Built From Knex

  1. OMFG!!! That is insane. How the… Why the… Who the… Just BLAWW. Un-freaking-real.

    That would suck if someone broke into his place one day and took the whole thing apart and left just a pile on the floor.

    1. From the page (emphasis mine):

      Started building: May 24, 2011
      Finished building: July 26, 2012
      Width: 26 & 3/8 inches (67 cm)
      Length: 85 inches (216 cm)
      Height: 57 & 1/4 inches (146 cm)
      Pieces: Coming soon!

      When I post the number of pieces, I’ll update this with construction and destruction pictures.

      If you want to see more pictures or videos of a certain part, now is the time to ask, because it’s getting destroyed in a week or so. :-)
      I am currently going to make an Ible for the counter and coin mechanism.


  2. When i first read the title i tought it was a knect then i read it again. Pretty good Some people have more patience than other, over a year working on the same thing would drive me crazy.

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