Fantastic Programming Makes This Arduino Gaming Device Something Special

The hardware that went into this Arduino gaming console is just fine. But the coding that produced this game called Twisted SNAKE is beyond compare. [Rodot] has programmed several games for the hardware, which uses an Arduino, 160×168 TFT screen, a 3 axis accelerometer, and two input buttons. If you’re interested, there is a forum thread in which he talks a bit more about the hardware design. But you’re not going to want to pass up either of the two videos embedded after the break.

The first clip shows off a bouncing-ball platforming game. The accelerometer moves the ball back and forth, and the top scrolling level brings more ledges into play. This in itself is a great game. But the Twisted SNAKE game shown off in the second video makes our own ARM-based Snake game look like a 3-year-old programmed it. [Rodot] filled up all of the program memory of the ATmega328 chip to  make this happen. There’s a menu system which allows for color themes and difficulty selection. The game play itself lets the snake travel anywhere it wishes with the tail following behind in graceful curves. Wow!

11 thoughts on “Fantastic Programming Makes This Arduino Gaming Device Something Special

    1. Amazing. If you cut out the audio and cropped out everything but the screen you would think it was an iPhone game. You know, these games look like they perform better than similar games on the iPhone. The ball game, although basic, ran much smoother than Doodle Jump last time I played it.

  1. Some how I don’t think Snake is meant for accelerometers. As you get to higher level, the length of the snake gets significantly longer. The limit of using just the 4 arrow keys is what makes navigation possible without running into its own body.

    1. You can go as slow as you want thanks to the accelerometer, so the length of the snake is not a problem. Moreover, the length is 250 max (2*screen width). The real challenge in this game is not the snake length, but to catch the sheeps.

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