Can You Believe This Portal Gun Was Built From Scratch?

This Portal gun will really make [aNoodleJMC’s] costume pop this year. She actually built the video game weapon replica from scratch. It even includes some electronics to light it up blue or orange depending on which portal she’s planning to fire at an available flat surface.

There’s a lot of parts that went into the project, but by far our favorite one on the list is an acrylic toilet plunger. Its handle serves as a light pipe for the colored LEDs and can be seen above as a cloudy rod at the center of the clear barrel. A 4″ and 3″ PVC pipe helped to form the rest of the barrel, along with a 3″ clear acrylic pipe for the transparent areas. The bulbous parts of the body were sculpted from florist’s foam. Once she had all of the parts roughed out it’s obvious that [aNoodleJMC] spent a ton of time filling problem areas with Bondo, sanding everything smooth, and giving it a paint job she can be proud of. We hope she didn’t forget to include GLaDOS in the fun.

We actually just bought our Portal gun. But that’s because we had the big plans of adding the ability to levitate objects.

[vai reddit]

13 thoughts on “Can You Believe This Portal Gun Was Built From Scratch?

  1. Excellent model without much “professional” materials involved,i admit i wouldn’t have destroyed the plunger though. :P

    There are a lot of Portal Props over Hackaday,i’ve seen a gun that makes a difference before a few weeks,made by Hackaday staff:

    And don’t forget my Portal Radio. :D

    1. Just simply one of the best games ever.
      It’s a small game, so Valve bundled it (originally, you can now buy it on its own) with two of the most highly anticipated releases of the year. Not only did it blow both of them completely out of the water, it had nigh on a clean sweep at the 2007 game of the year awards, and went on to spawn countless memes, (that the net ‘hivemind’ only recently got out of its system).

      So Buy it on Steam, it’s well worth the $10

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