Fembot Costume Includes Smoking Nipples

The greatest of Halloween costumes start with an idea, but they’ve also got to have strong execution to pull the whole thing off. This year  [Johanna Jenkins] decided to put together a Fembot Halloween costume which is a wonderful example of this concept. Going as a Fembot from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery sounds like a lot of fun right off the bat, but a bit of work at the sewing machine and access to a wig shop in Hollywood really brought it to the next level. But [Johanna] didn’t stop at that. The Fembots have machine guns in their bras. After they’ve torn through all of their ammo they’re left with smoking barrels as nipples, and that final touch even made it into the costume. In the video after the break you can see [Johanna] showing off the small battery operated fog system she piped into the costume bra.

[via Reddit]

16 thoughts on “Fembot Costume Includes Smoking Nipples

  1. Great job on the costume, made me laugh – I think I might have to go watch Austin Powers again. One nitpick (about HaD post): if you read the original post at Johanna’s site, she explains that those aren’t smoking gun nipples, but are instead sleeping gas nipples.

    “There are 2 fembot costumes in Austin Powers, the metallic silver one that shoots bullets from the boobs at the guards, and the pink nightie one that sprays sleeping gas from the boobs- I decided to go with the sleeping gas.”

  2. That fogging device is expensive!

    There are little table-top fountains/ponds/etc available at stores like “Green Earth” that give off fog. They don’t cost nearly as much. Perhaps one could be hacked?

    1. The problem with those is that they have to be submerged in water to work. They vaporize the water which would be awkward to catch and would probably condense in the boob pipes.

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