Large Area X-ray Detector

This is an x-ray detector built by [Ben Krasnow]. It’s an interesting combination of parts working with an oscilloscope. The result is an audible clicking much the same as you would hear from a Geiger counter

He’s measuring backscatter, which is the reflection of x-rays on other objects. Because the signal will be quite weak compared to waves emitted directly from an x-ray source he needed a large collector to measure them. He started by gutting an x-ray image intensifying cassette. This has a phosphor layer that glows when excited by x-rays. The idea is that the glowing phosphors do a better job of exposing film than direct x-rays can. But [Ben’s] not using film. He built that pyramid-shaped collector with the phosphor material as the base. At the apex of the pyramid he mounted a photomultiplier tube (repurposed from his scanning electron microscope) which can detect the excited points on its surface. His oscilloscope monitors the PMT, then issues a voltage spike on the calibration connector which is being fed to an audio amplifier. Don’t miss his presentation embedded after the break.

[Ben] mentions that this build is in preparation for a future project. We’d love to hear what you think he’s working on. Leave your guess in the comments section.

17 thoughts on “Large Area X-ray Detector

  1. I wanted to do EXACTLY the same thing with glass reflectors and a RCA teacup photomultiplier, in order to detect X rays created from CRT displays.
    I have used similar setups though…

    …I hope you protect yourself when you use X-rays

    Really nice work!!!

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  2. Hi,
    i made also a x-ray detector for imaging using a Lanex Fine screen and a canon camera if some working on same we can share the information so please send me your email address.

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