Home Built Stun Baton Turns You Into A Cop From Demolition Man

It seems much like a cattle prod, but [Pode Coet] definitely had people in mind when he built this stun baton. It’s not for the faint of heart — especially since a wrong move could stop your ticker cold. But the design and fabrication are top-notch, and he didn’t hold back when it comes to build images and details.

The enclosure is a hunk of PCV pipe with a cap on each end. The business end includes two electrodes separated by a 10mm air gap. The spark has no trouble jumping across that gap, and if you get it close enough to the victim it’ll use their body as a path of least resistance. The butt end of the baton features the charging port which takes 5VDC power and a pair of LEDs for feedback. This power port feeds a charger stored within to top off the Lithium cell which itself only puts out about 3.8V. This potential is fed into a boost circuit to ramp up to 16V before feeding a Royer circuit which jumps it up to 900V. That is connected to the final stage which gets it to the target of 10kV!

You can see and hear a demonstration of the baton in the clip after the break. To bad [Caleb] wasn’t around to take the thing for a proper test drive.


50 thoughts on “Home Built Stun Baton Turns You Into A Cop From Demolition Man

  1. high voltage weapons are neat
    other websites/forums ban users for asking about things like rail guns; I’m glad Hackaday doesn’t shy away from sharing detailed build instructions (along with necessary safety instructions!)
    also, hooray science!

  2. Great project. Modern auto engine ignitions have had voltages approaching this for decades now, AFAIK the short duration hasn’t killed anyone yet. Perhaps a single shot short duration “warning shot” mode, for those who ask how much does it hurt.

    1. Showed up to make sure that hadn’t been left out.

      I’d settle for the sonic gun from the same movie, though.

      Not only does it have reach, it can rearrange the warehouse.

  3. Meh, only PVC? you cant get a good hard swing on that. Make it out of a nice piece of ash with a steel weight at the end that delivers the Zap when you make contact from a nice hard blow. Break the knee and add insult to the injury THAT’s a proper stun baton. If it cant do blunt force trauma, it’s not a baton but simply a prod.

        1. That’s a pretty naive thing to say. Some cops (not all) will absolutely fuck with you if they think you’re driving around with something you intend to use as a weapon, whether it’s a knife they think is bigger than necessary, or a baseball bat unaccompanied by balls or other gear for playing baseball.

  4. I’m a bit nonplussed at the posts about home-made weapons. It really isn’t cool.

    These stories might be presented as “just kids goofing around” but it reads a bit like “Kleibold and Harris in the garage smashing up bottles to make pipe bomb shrapnel.”

    Who is it that you all feel you need to hurt? Why?

    1. I’m with [Hat] on this. I don’t really feel comfortable with a post about a device that’s sole intention is to deliberately HURT someone. Never mind the debate about whether it’s legal or not for the timebeing – think about whether it’s a GOOD IDEA. Hit someone with that who has a heart problem and you’re looking at some big problems.
      Shooting at pumpkins with a railgun, now that’s FUN and who can argue with that, but I can’t see any GOOD or recreational use for this device.


        1. There’s no denying that high voltage is fun! ;) I sat under a 3,000,000 volt tesla coil last summer just for kicks.
          But the trouble is that even though there are a lot of very sensible people on here who would build stuff simply for the fun of it, there are a LOT of other people out there who don’t posess the same kind of restraint and sensibility as you or (dare, I say) I.

          1. There are a lot of crazies, sure, but not as a proportion of the total population. There may be a thousand people in the US who would build this then use it irresponsibly, but that’s only one in 300,000 people. Far outweighed by the not-crazy and not really a problem on any real scale. And I’m totally overestimating the number of crazies who would build this instead of just ordering a 100kV or stronger stun gun for thirty bucks on the internet anyway.

            It’s not like it’s hard to get a stun gun, you know. And you could duct tape one of those to a baseball bat and get a far worse weapon out of it than this.

            (Now to look up my state laws and see whether I can legally build one of these for the lulz and because I’ve never made a voltage multiplier before!)

        1. (starting to enjoy the debate!)
          Not really [jimmy], if you’ve got a gun in your face down a dark alley and you try to whip out your stun gun (assuming it’s still charged, and assuming you don’t accidentally fry your own nuts off), your friendly mugger is just going to shoot your face off before you make a move.
          No, the only answer is less weapons not more. Trouble is you’ve got an out of control domestic arms race going on there fuelled by people who think it’s ‘okay’ to own a submachine gun. Lost cause.

          Ah, well – good luck you guys.

  5. What about a “nausea beam” based on the randomised scanned green laser?
    This apparently is eye safe because of the highly diffused beam but will essentially immobilise someone by overloading the visual system.

    Variant of this uses a couple of hundred “flash” LEDs to generate something like 1M lumens which has much the same effect,
    Especially effective at ruining night vision for an hour or so, as this is 2* brighter than daylight.

  6. Isn’t it always ironic that the only people who are actually concerned
    about a potential weapon device being “illegal”, are only the *law abiding*
    citizens ?

    Criminals don’t give a crap one way or the other.

    1. Problem is by giving a very detailed tutorial you’re essentially empowering said criminals who might not have the necessary brain power to come up with such solutions on their own. Essentially buying stupid people armament.

      1. Too many “what ifs” what if a criminal reads the instructions then becomes a serial zapper and it will be all hackadays fault. This comment along with the other illogical what if scenario’s never fairly assess, its always the absolute worse case scenerio you can tell who watches to much television lol.. Never have any facts giving credibility only emotion fueled rhetoric. Criminals do not troll the net looking for how to make tasers theyre draining your bank accounts stealing your identity you ppl are hillarious

  7. To those saying why? With states all over the nation rushing to pass gun grab laws, providing people with alternatives for protection is a sane and ethical decision. When only ceiminals and cops who are just as crimanal are the only ones with weapons, you’ll be damn greatful for atleast something rather than nothing.

    As history has shown, gun grabs have always been followed with the command “PAPERS! PAPERS PLEASE”, followed by the single file marching off to your destiny.

    1. In the UK, pretty much, only criminals (and a *very* select few cops) have firearms. Obviously, the UK’s incident of firearm related homicide, crime overall, shootings of police, and, indeed, firearm related injuries to innocent parties incurred /during/ criminal acts (i.e. people being shot whilst being robbed) are waaaaaaay above those seen “over the pond”.

      You don’t need a gun to protect yourself. In a stress situation, you’ll probably shoot yourself in the cock whilst you’re trying to take the safety catch off.

      1. While you are true that gun violence in the UK is very low, what about all the other violence, ie: stabbings, muggings, rapes, ect… I own a gun because I am smaller and weaker than most violent criminals hyped up on drugs. Saying “No” is strong, saying “No” backed up by loaded firearm is much stronger. Did you hear the story about the guy who robbed the gun store? No? Read the Darwin Awards.

        I agree with Mr Foo, awesome stun baton!

        1. Violent crime was lower in the UK on the whole *before* the strict gun laws were passed. In short, there are other factors at work, and addressing poverty, building a social safety net, and ending the war on drugs would have much, much bigger effects on crime rate than anything you could regulate (or not regulate) regarding weapons. This is why neither homicide rate nor violent crime rate in general correlate very well in either direction with per capita gun ownership.

          And for the record, that gun store also had a cop in it. Hilarious story.

  8. I believe it’s legal in Canada if it is over 450mm long. I had a stun cane held up at the border for weeks but they eventually had to let it in, it was well over the 450mm minimum length. All they had to do was read the regs and hold a tape measure up to it, don’t know why that took them so long. For dog protection I use a 450mm length of ash broom handle with a lightweight hockey puck on one end and a silicone bike grip and lanyard with carabiner on the other end. I plan to electrify it and add a light. Now if I could get it to blast out pepper spray too…

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