LCD-based QR Clock

Here’s a new take on the QR clock concept that uses an LCD display. The concept comes from the work [ch00f] put into his two versions of a QR clock (both of which used LED arrays). The time of day is encoded using the Quick Response Code standard. This version generates a new code each second which encapsulates date, hour, minute, and second information. If you look at the image on the left you’ll notice the code is not centered. Take a look at the video after the break and you’ll see that’s because it’s bouncing around the LCD like a screensaver. Watch a little longer and you’ll see the psychedelic effects shown in the image on the right.

A PIC32 is driving the display. It’s connected to a DCF77 radio module which feeds the system atomic clock data. The color plasma effects are used to show when the device has locked onto the radio signal.

11 thoughts on “LCD-based QR Clock

    1. Why do many people think everything posted to hack a day has to be a market ready product, ready for shipping with a defined ROI and small business plan for people to enjoy it or that they need to step in and validate the usefulness based of a project based on a narrow world view to begin with? This isn’t Kickstarter.

      Why does a project even have to have a ultimate final use or goal rather than it just being a resource or an idea for other people to feed off of and get inspired by, or simply expand their core knowledge of available ideas? What happened to just accepting projects for what they are, they are peoples personal passion and interest in technology and electronics put out there for everyone to see and hopefully learn from.

      A constantly variable QR code is kind of interesting in itself, and even if you don’t run off and build your own QR clock, now you or someone else has the resource to build a CVQR setup, or if someone wants to build one and starts searching for resources, this will likely have made the project much more visible on a search engine and the information more readily available.

  1. A time clock. I am thinking already of how to implement this as a useable clock-in and out function.

    I imagine that you could have a clock with an additionally programmed custom code so that you can force a person to scan a QR code in your phones app to clock-in at work.

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