Low-resolution Toaster Prints On Slices Of Bread


Why toast your bread evenly when you can burn low-resolution images instead? Meet the Super Mega Mega Toaster, a University project created by [Scott van Haastrecht] for his Creative Technology course.

Now you may be thinking that this has been done before. And indeed, a bit of searching will lead you to a post about toasting Jesus.  But that is a one-shot toaster hack which simply used a stencil to block heat to create a certain pattern. This is a mechanical overhaul for the toaster concept. It uses one row of six heating elements. Each is connected to a servo motor which moves the element next to the bread or away from it based on the pattering being printed. A stepper motor then moves the bread up so that the next row can be printed. All of this is mounted in a laser-cut wood frame which makes us just a bit nervous because the purpose of the elements is to burn stuff.

See a demo of the toaster, as well as its internal components in the clip after the jump.

[Thanks Philippe]

11 thoughts on “Low-resolution Toaster Prints On Slices Of Bread

  1. So many places to take this one… Put a hot air pencil on an XY gantry Candyfab style, use a BD-ROM laser, or replace the servos in this design with FETs controlling each element.

  2. I’m still waiting for the toaster that can make a consistent piece of toast every time.
    Maybe something with a camera or a temperature sensor to get it that perfect crunchy golden brown every time.

  3. cheap design, I expected the toaster to fetch the images by himeself instead of relying on a standard PC hooked up via USB…

    And yeah, the plastic servos and wooden structure does not feel good either :D

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