Drinking Games And Digital Logic


For those of you who might have forgotten, let’s go over the rules of Centurion. The object of the game is for every minute, for 100 minutes, drink a shot of beer. It doesn’t sound like a lot, but after completing the challenge you’ll have had 3 liters of beer (or about eight and a half 12 oz cans) in just under two hours. When [Peter] played Centurion, he found the biggest problem was – understandably – keeping track of the time and who drank what. For an upcoming weekend of drinking, [Peter] decided to solve this problem once and for all with shift registers and seven-segment displays.

[Peter]’s Centurion score box comes in two parts. The first and largest part of the build is the main board housing an ATMega8 microcontroller and a huge two digit seven-segment display to keep track of the countdown until the next shot. Two other boards house eight additional two digit seven-segment displays for each player, incremented every time a player presses a giant arcade button.

The entire build is designed around a small travel case that also holds a large battery for cordless drinking parties. Let’s just hope the project is reasonably water-resistant; we can see a lot of spills happening in the future. Check out the video demo below.


39 thoughts on “Drinking Games And Digital Logic

      1. …you participate in competitive drinking games whose sole purpose is to see who can tolerate the most consumption of alcohol at a very high rate.

        Seriously: drinking games are very dangerous because the competitive nature means people are pressured into drinking far more than they would ordinarily.

        Hit up any college health service page and read up about how drinking games are a major contributing factor for alcohol poisoning.

        1. Wow, you must be a real party-goer. I wouldn’t be too far off if I said you are one of those people who stay inside to play Call of Duty, when everyone else goes out to have fun.

          Seriously, chill, it’s only 6 normal (0.5l) beers we are talking about. As long as the beer is kept cool, everything should be fine.

  1. I think there’s a good chance I’d die if I drank that much that fast. Is it enjoyable getting shit-faced quickly? The drinking itself isn’t usually the funnest bit, usually that’s the conversation or whatever antics, depending on the situation.

    I was never a big boozer anyway. Takes a few years to learn to temper your drug intake for best effect.

    1. Spending over an hour and a half ONLY drinking isn’t my idea of fun either, it’s not like you’d get to talk much or do much of anything when you’re constantly pouring beer into a shot glass…

  2. Have a place to put your glass, with a switch that tells when the glass is there. Then when you put the glass back, it pours the next shot.

    Then there doesn’t need to be a responsible adult for any part of the process.

  3. I love centurion. I actually made an extension for a music player that lets you choose the rules (power hour, centurion, etc), select a playlist, and then it simply changes songs every interval.

      1. Tell ya what “brah”, why don’t you put up a $400,000 bond and then you can drink your sorry ass stupid if you want. Until then, Alcoholism is costing the American Taxpayer Multi-billions of dollars in healthcare (treating your cirrhosis, hepatitis B/C, and eventually either a transplant or end-of-life hospice care), lost productivity, and welfare (taking care of your wife and brats after they ditched your unreliable ass), all because self-responsibility has completely left the States.

        Moderate alcohol use (44ml spirits, 148ml wine, or 355ml beer) once a day “may” (and the study is still undetermined on that) help older (not young, not young adult, not adult, not middle-aged adult – but older adults, i.e. 50+ years old) in fighting the onset of heart disease that can lead to heart attacks or stroke. Anything more then that is just a slippery slope to alcoholism.

        Therefore, making a stupid game that encourages a person to drink excessively is not only irresponsible, but just plain stupid.

        Why not save the taxpayers a lengthy bill and just play Russian roulette instead? Come on “brah” be badass and play a real game instead of that sissy drinking stuff (ok, I’m not really encouraging ANYONE to play a risky suicidal game – it was just there to make a point).

        1. Von I think you’r taking this a bit too seriously, for someone who (I guess) doesn’t drink that much you sure have an opinion on people who do.

          For one thing not everyone is from the US so why are you assuming that this person is just because you are?. Secondly you can buy a more serious drinking game over the counter from a well known store (I know I have about 6 commercial drinking games) that have been bought for me by others. Thirdly, you forgot to mention the size and gender of the person drinking may also be a factor on the adverse affects of alcohol. And finally if they are willing to play then who are you to tell them any different? They are not schoolchildren these are adults capable of making their own decisions.

          If they decide not to take another drink they lose (and can’t play) and if they get too drunk and fall down (they still won’t be able to play anyway), therefor your big speech about alcoholism and liver disease won’t be needed as they won’t be able to drink or haven’t drunk enough to get it.

          You also missed out pancreatitis and type 2 diabetes.

          (And yes before you say anything I am well aware of the affects of drinking, my uncle has died from liver cirrhosis. And I have suffered two mini-strokes at the age of 26 (CVST Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis to be exact) brought about by nothing that had to do with consuming alcohol, and the consumption of alcohol is a fairly low risk factor when it comes to strokes, although it can be a big factor over a long period of time as the alcohol thins the blood).

          1. “No, it’s OK, I always stop drinking just as soon as I collapse unconscious”. A self-regulating system! Homeostasis! Well as long as it’s *scientific*.

            Not that I don’t drink, I just don’t drink much. And something I figured out when I was younger, is that with drugs, amount of intake vs resulting pleasure isn’t a straight line. Twice as drunk isn’t twice as fun. For alcohol and many other drugs.

            It just seems kinda *pointless* to get drunk to drink. Especially for 100 minutes! Drain a pint in one gulp if you must, but booze isn’t intrinsically fun. Look at all the miserable alcoholics. I’m happy keeping my tolerance low anyway. Makes me a cheap date, specially when I’m buying my own!

          1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alcoholic_hepatitis

            Hepatitis is just liver swelling. Can be viral, can be all sorts of things.

            I know a guy who’s currently got pretty much weeks to live. Since viral hep killed his liver, his own poisons are killing him (apparently gut bacteria make a lot of these, who knew?). It’s already done his brain in (hepatic encephalopathy), he went 20-years-of-Alzheimer’s-senile in a couple of months. Stands by the toilet and pisses himself, and forgets his own name. He was 100% compus mentis a few months ago. He’s 63.

  4. “Drinking” and “logic” don’t really go together well. :)

    All you really need is a repeating minute timer. With maybe a beep. No need to track individual scores, as they will all be the same according to the rules of the game, until people start dropping out. And then the score will just be the number of minutes since the game started. Trying to figure that out and write it down is part of the fun. Though no one really cares about the scores anyway.

  5. What scares me is that where I come from, 3l of beer in 2 hours wouldn’t be considered a large amount to drink at all. Centurion is something if we don’t have any more sh*t to talk and are bored.

  6. As a German it’s quite common to be drinking that amount of beer (or more) every time you go out for drinks with friends. Most times that I eat at my local club I will have a stein (1L) when I arrive, another approximately 15-20 minutes later and then a third or fourth throughout dinner and sometimes even another couple just hanging around after dinner. Mind you this never gets us flat-out drunk, we still are able to control ourselves just fine and never consider driving or fighting because of it. It’s interesting to see the difference when you visit other countries and see all of the police and fighting because of alcohol. In Germany alcohol just isn’t a big problem.

  7. Some people aren’t happy unless they’re controlling what other people do.
    Let adults do as they please. How many inventors and great scientists were alcoholics, womanizers or completely antisocial?

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