Letting Bluetooth Take The Wires Out Of Your Headphones


This picture shows the gist of [Alan’s] hack to transition his wired headphone to internalize a Bluetooth audio receiver (translated).

He starts with a pair of wired “ear muff” style headphones and an aftermarket Bluetooth audio adapter that he’s been using with them. But if you’re not going to plug them into the audio source why have six feet of extra wire hanging about? [Alan] ditched the plastic case surrounding the Bluetooth hardware and cracked open the earpieces to find room for it. It’s a tight fit but there was just enough room.

It is unfortunate that the headphone design doesn’t already have a wired crossover hidden in the arc connecting the earpieces. Alan strung some of that red wire himself to connect the two speakers. The board is mounted so that the USB port is located where the wires used to enter the plastic body. This makes it a snap to plug them in when they need a recharge.

You can play a little “Where’s Waldo” with this one by trying to spot the Raspberry Pi in his build log.


11 thoughts on “Letting Bluetooth Take The Wires Out Of Your Headphones

    1. @querty: yes, it has a little latency. But aren’t intended to play musical instruments or as wireless monitor for DJs.
      I built it only to play music from my Android, as I wrote in my original article :)

  1. Hi, I had a couple of ideas.

    1) Use a normal el cheapo BT headset but often they only use one channel and the amplifier in bridge tied load mode.
    This can in theory be reprogrammed so the onboard amplifier decodes both streams, so you get stereo.

    2) Use a stereo decoder chip such as the TDA7040 to generate the outputs,
    and generate the stereo on the host device in software.

  2. I did this exact same thing I work in a call center (Back office ) and is on the phone a lot but the In ear BT Head set I got irritates my ear and the volume is very soft so I bought a cheap Pc head set cut the cord cracked open the BT head set and mounted all the guts in the headset now using the pc headset`s mic and 0.35w speaker I can speak normal and the user on the other side can actually hear what I say and visa vursa I`m must say it is a huge improvement. Next thing I`ll do is update the battery

    Have fun hacking

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