A DIY Solution For Controlling Robots And Quadcopters


RC transmitters used for controlling robots, quadcopters, airplanes, and cars really aren’t that complex. There are a few switches, pots, a screen and a radio transmitter. The maker toolbox already has all these components, so it only makes sense someone would try to build their own RC transmitter.

[Oscar]’s project started by gathering a bunch of toggle switches, 2-axis joysticks, pots, tact switches, an Arduino, LCD, and a Ciseco XRF wireless module. These were attached to a front panel made of polystyrene and work on the communications protocol began.

It should be noted that microcontroller-powered RC transmitters with XBees is nothing new. There was a Kickstarter for one last year, but the final product turned out to be bit janky and full of fail wiring, We’re really glad to see [Oscar]’s attempt at a DIY RC transmitter, and hopefully we’ll see this project taken up and improved by others.

7 thoughts on “A DIY Solution For Controlling Robots And Quadcopters

  1. Very cool – bookmarked! I’m going to try this out soon…I have everything except the RF module and lacking 1 joystick breakout…I guess I’m doing some shopping today!

  2. I’m confused at the author’s comment of the “fail wiring” in reference to the other DIY controller. This one has much more wiring so how does this one not get the same “fail” stamp?
    All in all, this is laid out pretty nice, but I think his explanation of a clean protocol is what makes this controller post a win. Very nicely done.

    1. I’d have to agree. As a person who backed the referenced kickstarter project, I didn’t find it to be “full of fail”. The wiring was somewhat complex, but not bad. And it’s nothing compared to some of the wiring in this one.

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