Myst(ery) Box

Anyone remember the game Myst? Well, [Michael] and his girlfriend have been playing quite a bit of it lately, so for her birthday, he decided to make her something inspired from it.

For those unaware of the classic that is the Myst series, it is a set of games that started back in 1993 where you assume the role of the Stranger who gets to explore other planets (called Ages) to solve various logical and mechanical puzzles.

Anyway, [Michael] got his girlfriend tickets to visit GC319QK (a geocache site requiring diving) — since the gift is a relatively small token, it was logical for [Michael] to make a fancy box for it — and that’s exactly what he did. It’s a peculiar little wooden box with LEDs, a button, a latch, an unplugged wire, different rods and strange looking sensors — and it is a very clever little puzzle.

We could explain to you how it works (with the Arduino, phototransistors and maybe the source code), but instead we think you’ll enjoy watching [Michael’s] video of it.

Now since the present is for geocaching, we’re almost surprised he didn’t include a reverse geocache puzzle in it too!

[Via Reddit]

7 thoughts on “Myst(ery) Box

  1. Mhm…it’s been a long while since i played, but afaik the “planets” are not called ages? You can land on a planet and them time-shift the planet to another age? Bah doesn’t matter i guess, really neat project. I love analogue/digital puzzles!

    1. They are called “Ages” they realms inside of books. I forget exactly the storyline but someone had written the different “ages” and over the course of the series you found out about that and a couple other tidbits.

  2. I remember when Myst came out: Robyn and Rand Miller (the founders of Cyan) became idols of mine (along with John Carmack and other garage game gurus), and my fascination with video game technology propelled me to new heights: I began learning how to use StrataVision 3D at a local Mac shop, and my skills grew exponentially from that point. I’m thrilled to see that Myst continues to inspire others!

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