Self-Balancing Robots Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down

[Trandi] can check ‘build a self-balancing robot’ off of his to-do list. Over a couple of weekends, he built said robot, and, in his own words, managed not to over-design it. It even kept the attention of his 2-year-old son for several minutes, and that’s always a plus.

He was originally going to re-purpose one of his son’s RC cars, but didn’t want to risk breaking it. Instead, he designed a triangular 3-D printed chassis to hold a motor and some cogs to fit both the motor shaft and some re-used Meccano wheels. [Trandi]’s design employs an MPU 6050 6-DOF IMU for the balancing act and is built on an Arduino Nano clone.

[Trandi] is controlling the motor with an L293D, which has built-in flyback diodes to minimize spikes. He found that the Nano clone was not powerful enough to handle everything, so he added an L7805CV voltage regulator. After the break, watch [Trandi]’s cute bot tool around on various types of terrain, with and without a payload.

Don’t have an IMU lying around? You don’t really need one to build a self-balancing bot, as this IR-based lilliputian bot will demonstrate.

[via Dangerous Prototypes]

7 thoughts on “Self-Balancing Robots Wobble, But They Don’t Fall Down

  1. Cool project. I have a few L293Ds laying around…easy to use H drivers, but monitor your current limits (fried one already). I haven’t played with the MPU6050 yet but it looks pretty simple (and cheap!) I think I’ll order one as a late Xmas gift to myself. :)

    Thanks Trandi – it sparked a few ideas. I love the clever design, especially the use of the small asprin/Rx/film/whatever container for the housing.

  2. I want to make balancing robot with ır sonsor so;can you help me?
    and ı took project about balancing robot and I must deliver for one month
    I want your code and all document at your balancing robot.
    Thank you in advance

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