Need An Idea For Your Next Kickstarter? Check Out This Kickstarter!


Kickstarter has become the most powerful force in kickstarting new hardware projects, video games, documentaries, and board games, and now everyone wants a piece of the action. The problem obviously isn’t product development and engineering; you can just conjure that up with a little bit of Photoshop and some good PR. The only you really need for a good Kickstarter is an idea, and META is just the tool for the job. It’s the Arduino-powered Motivational Electronic Text Adviser, the perfect device to generate the next big idea in the world of crowdfunding.

The Arduino-powered META includes three buttons and an Arduino-controlled LCD display. Press a button, and the next big hardware project to wash across the blogs faster than the announcement of a campaign for a $300 3D printer will appear on the screen.

Because META is Arduino-compatible, it’s compatible with existing Arduino sketches. This makes turning the META into the next home automated Bluetooth low energy 4.0 internet of things a snap. Because this is open hardware the laser cut enclosure can easily be upgraded to an RGB LED 3D printer robotic drone bluetooth boombox.

If Kickstarters aren’t your thing, there’s also a cloud-based META that will generate ideas in the mobile app browser cloud. Bitcoin.

23 thoughts on “Need An Idea For Your Next Kickstarter? Check Out This Kickstarter!

    1. A bamboo tube with ‘not fat’ written inside one end. If you can see a complete person through the tube then the weight is good, if you can only see part of them then there is a problem. Then take a photo i guess.

    1. :-) exactly… i think that nowadays there are more clever ways to display few randomly selected words… let’s say simple dynamic webpage (preferably without login using fb account)… or mobile app if you want to look like a a “startup”…

      it’s like if you needed to have one arduino with LCD display for each webpage on the internet…

      1. The idea they are trying to sell dose not need the hardware support they are selling it with. At the same time they want to sell the HW support for too much money. There is nothing special about that board that you cannot already buy.

        It is like all the websites/companies/etc that want to have a dedicated app on the phone that does nothing a browser couldn’t do, it is even more limited (i am thinking of the lack of zoom which is what most have). I am guessing that they are so popular because most people don’t even know how to save a bookmark in the browser. But this is another story…

        1. You are both missing the point of drawing attention to the redundant expression “Liquid Crystal Display display”.

          Never mind. I’ll just go to the ATM machine and try and remember my PIN number.

  1. I think the thinking is backwards. If your project is suited to crowd funding, then go do the crowd funding thing. The existence of crowd funding doesn’t mean one should contrive a project to sell on it.

    On a side note, I’d much rather people make a project because they love said project, and offer it to the world because they love said project, and want to share it to the world, not because that’s the asinine project that they think people will buy because they’re chasing after riches & fame. Because people motivated by money first don’t really care much about the project and it’s probably going to turn out terrible.

    1. That aside, people who “fund” the said projects should also not contribute only to expect the rewards, but rather to really contribute to the project as a charity. I’ve seen people whine over late, and over-due projects (while that may really be frustrating), those are the kind of people who does not care about the project getting up and running as they are thinking that they are “buying” the rewards.

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