Astronaut Or Not! Your Vote Matters.

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You know that little contest we’re running? The one that sends a grand prize winner into SPACE!

We’re happy to announce that community voting for The Hackaday Prize starts today. It’s an interface that we’ve been calling Astronaut or Not! We have hundreds of prizes to give away and this is your chance to decide who some of them go to.

Best Project Concept

This week we’re voting on the best project concept. Don’t vote on projects based on how much work they have done or how many pictures there are, pick the ones that have the potential to be the the best project. We’ll be sending shirts to the top 10 projects voted on over the next few days.

We don’t want this to be purely a popularity contest, so we’re shaking things up a bit. Instead of voting for a particular project we’re pairing the entries in random head-to-head match-ups, with Hackaday readers deciding the ultimate ranking. Check out the contenders, learn a bit about each project, then choose the one you think is more worthy of The Hackaday Prize.

Submit your entry now to be included!

Astronaut or Not isn’t going to decide the top prizes, all entries will still be reviewed by our various judging panels. We are planning to give away different prizes with each round of voting. So make sure you post your entry right away to get in on these giveaways!

18 thoughts on “Astronaut Or Not! Your Vote Matters.

        1. Yep, same adverts over and over and over that I have no interest in, and I am the only one who does Google searches on this computer / chrome account. Pay me to increase your advertising revenue and we may just see some radical stuff happen!

  1. T.T you guys have no idea how lucky you are to be able to afford or find the parts and components you need.

    Where I live the electronics store is.. horrid… ordering parts is so expensive.

  2. I live in Zimbabwe, so I feel your pain :) however that’s kind of the reason I call myself a hacker not a maker – most of my stuff is built with salvaged electronics. Ask around for broken printers, dvd burners, microwavea and so on. As for ordering stuff that you just can’t salvage, AliExpress will usually offee free (albiet slow) shipping, and Taydae electronics ship in <2 weeks for around $3 to Zim, and have a decent stock of basics.

    1. I just counted 301 projects. I have also experienced what you are referring to; I was curious to see how my project appears in voting and I couldnt find it. After refreshing the page 40 something times (I lost count after a while), I finally found it once and only once. Personally, I think that all projects should be in a single listing so they can all be compared against each other en masse.

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