Vote Or Be Sorry — Round 2 Of Astronaut Or Not


Have you voted in the second round of Astronaut or Not? You’d better get in there by Friday at 9pm EDT or miss your chance to win a Bukito Portable 3D Printer in the voter’s lottery.

You must vote at least once per round to be eligible. At the appointed time we’ll draw a random number and look up to see if that profile on has voted. If so, winner winner (like the Rigol scope that was awarded last Friday). If not, no Bukito for you! This new round just started at the beginning of the week. Your vote quota has been restored, and we tweaked the interface to only show you each project once.

In addition to your own gain, you’re helping us choose which projects deserve a bit of swag. We’re one again sending shirts to the projects who rise to the top of the head-to-head gudgematch.

UPDATE: To clarify, you must vote in the current round to be eligible for the current voter lottery. Your participation in previous rounds has no bearing on the current round eligibility.


37 thoughts on “Vote Or Be Sorry — Round 2 Of Astronaut Or Not

  1. I have really a hard time with this voting concept. Even tho I’m pretty elighted that you took the effort to think about an alternative way to design the vote-process, I cant say that it inspires me to use it. Every Post you refer to this votings, I go there, refresh the Page fife times and never leave a vote. I cant really make up my mind about who to choose. The one e.g. is a nice Tetris tringy with a great photo. The other choice is a very complex PCB with a very specific RF purpose. I dont know. I like the Tetris thingy, but I woulnd buy it. The other guy really put a lot of effort into his PCB and did stuff I never heard of but sure deserves more attention. Or does he?

    As you can see. I have no Idea. Dont let the projects fight. Give me a project and ask me how interesting it is for me with 10 Stars to give. This way I dont have to Boolean LIKE or IGNORE a Project and have more shades of grey to say “Looks like Crap”, “I kinda like this approach”, “This looks VERY Promising” and “I THROW MY WALLET AGAINST THE SCREEN BUT NOTHINGS HAPPENS!”.

    But then again, it could just be me.

  2. Sad to say, I too don’t have the time or persistence to use this voting system.
    I managed to solve the April 1st QR code challenge, in I suspect less time than it would take to refresh the voting page, mentally remember all the projects, and then re-refresh the page until the correct combination of oponents come up fo me to express my favourites and vote.

  3. When I click the link to vote, I get the error message: “Sorry, voting is disabled for small screens.”. I know a dual 17″ monitor setup isn’t considered large these days, but small? really?

    FWIW, this is on OS X 10.9 with the latest Chrome.

  4. well what about if there was say 4 options, we could cycle anytime and we could get say sticker votes with say:
    ‘would like to build one for myself’
    ‘documentation that could be useful to others’
    ‘beneficial to mankind’
    ‘would like to become a product’

    after an initial round of adding tags the hot or not voting within those category could work but only if you can skip and choose catagorys for your limited amount of votes.

      1. WAT. While, yes, I have dual monitors and full keyboard in front of me right now, I spend a large portion of my hackaday time on my cellphone. At 30, I’d say I’m not even young, and the majority of youngsters are using tablets now for all their school work and porn needs

        1. I’m the same here, my news sites are all browsed to on my mobile rather than my desktop or laptops. Its just easier, especially with hackaday – i get an email when a new post is put up, and i read the email, then hit read more down the bottom if it interests me.

    1. +1
      To add, I saw 4 of the same, and in one instance, it was versus the same opponent. Seems a bit unfair to that person’s project to be given more exposure/chances to be rejected.

  5. so if i did not vote the first round because I was unavailable I’m not able to qualify for possible prizes? Sorry but this to me says why should i give a rats rear end on the rest of voting because I had to be here for the first round. or am i mistaken on the process?

    again we can not all be on this site 24/7 to vote, we have lives, jobs, etc…. that keep us busy as well. Please either explain this thought process or something because it really to me deters more people from voting than not.

  6. I really like the voting criteria this time. But found myself regressing a lot as lots of the projects either had no reusable parts at all or were built entierly from reusable parts. (Boards that stick together like arduino + shield… I’m not saying that’s bad, just clearly the open ness there is more based in the software than the hardware.

    This time it’s been very difficult to vote within the guidelines for voting!

    1. I agree completely. I probably refreshed 1000 times and just gave up on using all my votes. I will say however that not seeing the same 10 things across multiple refreshes was nice.

  7. I think the voting should be done for the consolation prizes i.e. for projects that have less chances of winning (e.g. not yet working) or less popular, but are good/original concept or well executed.

    If there is a popular project, it is likely to win a few rounds. All the traffic from previous round(s) (follows/skulls) would make an already project more popular by peer pressure. What’s the point of that? Give someone else a chance to win.

  8. This round was supposed to be about “Most likely to be used in other projects” and yet quite a few of them were finished products like something inside a vintage case. You’re not exactly going to put a foot tall vintage case inside a 3D printed arduino…

    Are the projects put up for voting on a small selection of relevant projects to the topic? or is it just a random collection of ALL the entries? If it’s random, I’d expect to not see the same project 3 times…

    1. So, what did your comment brought to the table other then defamation? I guess you would like the comments on HaD more, if they were more like your type of comment?

      1. I was making a general statement that can proven by the many cybaby posts about votes across several topics.

        If you want a comment on a personal level, well I think you are a giant pussy that can not comprehend the simple task of choosing between two projects.

        “But then again, it could just be me.”

  9. You people (voters) take yourselves too seriously. On one hand, it’s nice to see that there are still honest, well-meaning folks living on this planet. But on the other, it’s a tad funny to read how so many of you have struggled with such an easy task.

  10. Haha come on people, it’s easy enough to vote. look at two projects, think which one has aspects that you want to use in a project yourself, click that one.
    I like this system – gets tiny little projects like mine some exposure :) my only issue is the massive image size means that each page takes a few minutes to load…

    1. The problem is when
      a) both of the project has no interest to me, OR
      b) both of the project is interesting to me

      I would like to vote for each project from -5–0–+5 or 0-10 scale.

      The current voting system is copied from some braindead captcha system:-\

      1. A tie button might be nice.

        then I could vote when there is a clear winner.
        press tie when I think that they are both winners
        and refresh when I think I’m not wasting my vote on that crap.

  11. trying to vote, but there are only a handful projects shown again and again and again… Entry list is above 1500, is it that hard to rotate though them?

    all this cmpetiton is just too abstract and the interface is too minimalistic to have a slightest idea whats going on :/

    The whole X crashes on me when I open or this competition page under firefox.
    I need to look at it under Chromium. Is there anyone else with the same problem?

    Should be an unfortunate marriage between a buggy video driver (intel), and some big picture.

  13. People are putting in a lot of effort to create something for the project, only to have some 5 minute script coder fudge up their hopes of a prize because the system keep chucking up the same entries. Seriously unimpressed with had’s effort. Shame on you!

  14. I would really like to vote, but why won’t you let me?
    “Sorry, voting is disabled for small screens.”

    I was able to vote in the first round using my galaxy s3 without any problems.

    imho, this restriction goes against the hacking ethos, and is disappointing.

  15. HAD is such a pitiful failure these days that it makes me want to cry like the loser up there^^ who couldn’t vote because his screen was too small, but then he went home turned on his PC only to find that the login/register screen is broken on Chrome, so he went to his mum’s house and fired up IE, but then he still couldn’t vote because he got shown the same pile of crappy projects over and over again, and never the projects he wanted to rate. So now he just cries into his beer, thinking about the randomly-selected window-licker that HAD will be forced to send to space, all because they couldn’t write a voting system..

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