Don’t You Just Love Comic Sans?

Type Writer Uses Comic Sans!

Trick question! Of course you do, everyone loves Comic Sans! It’s only like the best font in the history of the internet! Why would you ever use anything else?

Oh! Is it because you feel like writing your novella on a computer is cheating? You wish you could use Comic Sans on your classic Sears-branded Brother Charger 11 typewriter from the 70’s? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Jokes aside, this is actually a pretty clever hack. He’s modified a typewriter to use custom letters which he has laser cut out of acrylic and super glued to the strikers of the typewriter.

He calls it the Sincerity Machine.

It’s my wish that a classic, functioning typewriter altered to write in the most popularly despised font of modern times will provoke thoughts about such media concerns.

In addition to modifying the strikers, he’s also made new key covers with a vinyl cutter with their respective, and delightful fonts for all to see.

[Thanks Anonymous!]

29 thoughts on “Don’t You Just Love Comic Sans?

      1. Comic Sans, as approved by the Hackaday editing team.


        (Although like everything else the ‘hate’ for Comic Sans comes down to “I read on the Internet that I’m supposed to hate it. See also Microsoft, Office, the ribbon, XP, Win7, Metro, and Belgium.)

  1. What would be even better would be to laser sinter (metal 3d print) new strikers or those rotating ball things with this terrible font on it and install it back into the typewriter.

  2. I always run this when I load a hack-a-day article.

    var a=document.createElement(“style”);a.type=”text/css”;a.innerHTML=”div, h1, h2, h3, h4, a, p, li, td, input { font: 20px MS Comic Sans, cursive, sans-serif; }”;document.getElementsByTagName(“head”)[0].appendChild(a);

    (Running JS someone posted on the internet without understanding what it does is a bad idea…)

    It misses a few bits of text, but IANAWD…

    1. javascript:document.body.contentEditable=’true’; document.designMode=’on’; void 0

      You can “hack” the hackaday with this. It allows you to change any elements on the page, until you reload.

  3. Unlike some folk here, I don’t have a religious aversion to comic sans, though I’m happy to admit that I rarely find a use for it. But when I lost my reading glasses on hoiday, and I was quoted £95 for a replacement pair, comic sans was one of very few fonts that I could actually read.

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