How To Get 50 More Zed From Your Rigol DS1054Z

[Chris] has been spending a lot of time in the wife’s sewing room lately, and things got pretty serious late last night as he hacked his shiny new Rigol DS1054Z to unlock the 1104Z capabilities lurking within.

The rumors are true, and ungoverning the software is as simple as looking up your serial number and knowing the right URL for generating a valid license. [Chris] ran into a dud site, but that’s the price of doing business in the shadowy parking garage basements of the interwebs. Once he knocked on the right door and uttered the secret word, however, he became the proud owner of 50MHz additional bandwidth, decoders for SPI, I²C, and RS-232, twice the storage depth, and all teh triggers that ship with the 1104Z.

Can’t rationalize the purchase even at the ridiculously low price point? Here’s one way to make it happen. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn some French.

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    1. Folks…I’m a newbie — just got a 1054z as a nth birthday present to myself (where n is a too large number). I’m in early stage learning by going thru the 1052e learning videos on YouTube. Lesson 2. The 52e appears to have a nice digital filter feature. The 54z only has a 20MHz on/off? Have I got that right? Does the “upgrade” hack change that? thanks

      1. Looks like you have trouble finding the exact value of your age. Use the DS1054Z, it is a nice oscilloscope at a great price. Then do the hack at (that is the hack that works, there is another one but it did not work for me) and use ONLY the DSFR code in the options, after you input your serial number. Forget about the privatekey field, you don’t need it AFAIK. Once done, you will have a 100mhz oscilloscope. THEN use one probe on your left index finger (Channel 1) and another probe on your right big toe (Channel 2). Wait 5 seconds and you will be able to read your correct age in Gigaherz. Do not invert finger / toe sides or you will be fried.

        Seriously, a great 100mhz (after modding it) oscilloscope for little money!

    2. Just bought my 1054z nov 2021, came with options official. tested and still have 3db down at 52mhz so i will assume they did not unlock the 100. My question is, does this hack to unlock 100mhz still work properly if they have unlocked all the other options for new purchasers or is this a trap? Admiral Ackbar needs to know. Just out of curiosity…how much does the official 100mhz unlock cost? Could not find a price anywhere on-line.

    1. Not really a “hack”, somebody just reverse engineered the algorithm Rigol uses to make the product keys from the serial number. Usually it’s a bunch of obfsucated crap with hashes and XOR, but easy enough to dig through with a debugger of some description. They can’t block it because it’s the same process they would be using.

      1. That’s not at all what happened.

        Rigol uses EC crypto for their keys. They are using the MIRACL library, so they didn’t do this in house. That’s already a sign it might be secure, right?

        Obviously it wasn’t. Rigol did not use proper starting values, making the keys very weak. It was trivial (milliseconds of compute time) to figure out the private key.

        Interestingly, Rigol hasn’t fixed this since it was discovered on an earlier model. Intentional?

        1. Probably intentional. They don’t have to give you warranty if you use a hack and you get a better oscope for your hobby. That’s free marketing in the hobby market! Companies would never do this anyway.

  1. OK, so they oscope text says it is an 1104Z, but did the bandwidth actually increase to 100MHz? It would have been interesting if he had captured a 100 MHz reference signal before and after his mod.

    BTW, I have a real Rigol 1104Z, and mine cost $0. It was my 50th birthday gift from my wife.

    1. Yes.

      He links in to the review Dave Jones did, and one of the things that Dave noted in that and a companion review where he maps the circuit is that the input bandwidth is limited by capacitors in the circuit that are controlled from the microcontroller.

      There was some discussion in a previous thread about cloning Tektronix application modules (the one that sparked the DMCA takedown notice from Tektronix) about the ethics of software hacking like this, with some people saying that they think a hack like this is stealing. Now, Chris used a software hack to get the functionality, but by cutting and remapping the traces coming from the chip (that is, a hardware hack) you could achieve the same outcome, at least in terms of getting the higher bandwidth.

      As Chris says in the video, it seems that Rigol have made it at least somewhat hacker friendly to do these kinds of things. I’m kind of in the same boat as him – I’ve always thought that feature unlocking a cheaper scope is akin to overclocking a cheaper GPU or (perhaps more accurately) messing with the tune on a engine control unit in a car to get those extra horsepower they want to charge you more for.

    1. Obviously it has been done before! He used a website from the “Even Skeezier parts of the intertutes”. The video you linked to was posted 25 days before this post. Not everyone lives on the “Even Skeezier parts of the intertutes” makes me think about what is “dripping” out of your computer or off of it. Did you google this hack before or after you saw this post?

  2. For those wondering, no, Rigol do not deliberately allow their scopes and other gear to be hacked in order to get more sales. They don’t like it, but they know they can’t stop it, and it’s the calculated risk they take when they decided on software performance restrictions. The number of scopes sold due to hackability is small-fry. They software limit the scope to reduce production and inventory cost and gain price leverage in various market segments. The vast majority of customers do not know about the hack, nor would they care if they did.

    1. I suspect they actually sell quite a few scopes that subsequently get upgraded by hobbyists – and if it weren’t so easy to upgrade, those hobbyists might go buy a different brand instead.

        1. I’m really looking forward to the day someone will legally challenge a manufacturer refusing to honor a warranty because a scope has been “upgraded”. In many countries, you can’t refuse a warranty just because you feel like it. You have to show the user did something wrong that could have caused the issue.
          Refusing to replace a failed LCD (for instance) because someone unlocked a bandwidth option really seems dodgy… and I’d like to see what happens if this is taken in court.

          1. In logic yes, in reality, no. Corporations in America don’t give a shit about anything moral, ethical, or humane, just money and greed. If they could squash a few people out of the money it takes to replace it or whatever, trust me, they will.

    2. I know this is an old thread, but I found this on another hacker forum (I have a Siglent 1202Xe):

      cushychicken on May 31, 2020 Detecting a 2.4 GHz transmission for under 1 EUR

      The scope he’s screencapping from is a Rigol digital scope. Very full featured little lunchbox scope, for only $350 USD. And you can hack it for extra bandwidth and protocol decoders!

      m0xte on May 31, 2020 [–]

      Or buy Siglent SDS1202X-E. 200MHz and protocol decoders out of box with no hacks, intensity grading and the UI isn’t laggy as hell (have used both extensively

  3. I’d really like to see someone (Dave @eevblog?) do a full set of calibration tests on a hacked scope. I strongly suspect that the 50 & 70 MHz versions are a means of selling off the 100 MHz scopes that don’t pass the final QC tests. The front end is analog and parts tolerances are still an issue when you’re trying to keep the price down. The 70 MHz version being an attempt to squeeze a bit more out of the bottom line from units that are only slightly off spec.

    Software features are an entirely different matter. I don’t see why any of the vendors charge as much as they do for those other than they can. Eventually one of them will go all in for market share and unlock everything.

      1. Have you ever seen pictures of the *thing* that was Bob Pease’s desk/office/lab at Nat Semi? Go easy on [Dave @eevblog]. Clutter is the telltale sign of the presence of superior intelligence! The smartest people I know, to a one of them, have desks which are their own security systems by virtue of the sheer chaos atop, beside, and below them. Ask them to find absolutely anything within that chaos and they’ll hand it to you in seconds.

  4. Just got my new DS1054Z and did the hack directly after unboxing and … BÄM …it worked perfectly even from gotroot :-).
    Thanks a lot giving me a scope worth 1300€ paying 350€. If this is a marketing tool by Rigol I think they are going to become a market leader in the market for hobbyists in the future. And by the way I´m not ashemed doing this hack. Don´t believe that Rigol didn´t get their share. All they loose is the extra money but this will be overcompensated by the volume of scopes they sell. Just my 2 cents :-)

    1. What firmware did you have loaded in your scope before you started? What option from that site did you use? I see a default of AAAA, but I don’t see an entry for what that enables.

    1. I just powered up my DS1054Z for the first time and when I look at the installed options, it lists them all as “Trial” with about 32hrs left. Does that mean my scope is like a DS1104Z until Cinderella appears in 32hrs and then it reverts back to uninstalled options? Should I do the hack before or after the 32hrs are up? Will there be any difference in performance between what I have now (in the first 32hrs) and what I’ll have after the hack (after the 32hrs)?

      1. Thanx very much for the info. Two questions:
        (1) Before the hack, did the scope list the installed options as “Trial”? What did it show them as after the hack?
        (2) To what options does the code DSER correspond?

        Thanx again

        1. The DSER option unlocks all features EXCEPT the 500uV option which is / was buggy.
          Search for icaro600
          Re: Sniffing the Rigol’s internal I2C bus
          « Reply #3221 on: April 25, 2014, 04:33:31 AM »
          Use one of the On-Line Keygenerator (you want to use it for DS1000z) at* >
          RigLol keygen:
          Canadian mirror:
          UK mirror:

          Do NOT install 500uV Vertical Sensitivity, as it doesn’t work properly (buggy*). Therefore do NOT use ‘DSBA’ – 500uV Vertical, or ‘DSFR’ – all options.

          1. Type in your unit’s Serial Number.
          2. Type in DSER* for all options without the 500µV. This Option may not be in the Keygen’s list, but it will work!
          3. Do NOT enter anything for ‘Privatekey’, it will be inserted automatically for you (based on the DS1000z).
          4. Press [GENERATE], and record the resulting Option Code.
          5. When you are done enter the Option Code manually in the DS1000z using a single string without using any ‘dash’ (-) using Rigol’s Procedure for activating the Trial Options in the D1000z. As I recall the procedure is available on Rigol’s Web Site under DS1000z.
          Only the Canadian mirror:

          is working.
          Downloading the source code will give you a set of .exe one for Windows to be run from a CMD prompt:
          D:\Rigol DS1054Z>riglol.exe
          Riglol 1.03d

          Usage: riglol.exe
          serial number of device (D…………)
          device options, 4 characters, see below
          private key (optional)

          DP832 starting from v1.09 device options:
          first character: F = official, B = trial
          F3PT – Accuracy
          F6PT – Analyzer and Monitor
          F6LT – LAN
          FALT – RS232
          FLLT – Trigger

          DP832 up to v1.06 device options:
          first character: M = official, 5 = trial
          MWSS – Trigger
          MWTB – Accuracy
          MWTC – LAN and RS232
          MWTE – Analyzer and Monitor

          DS1000z device options:
          DSAB – Advanced Triggers
          DSAC – Decoders
          DSAE – 24M Memory
          DSAJ – Recorder
          DSBA – 500uV Vertical

          DS2000 device options:
          first character: D = official, V = trial
          DSAB – Advanced Triggers
          DSAC – Decoders
          DSAE – 56M Memory
          DSAJ – 100MHz
          DSAS – 200MHz
          DSAZ – all options

          DS4000 device options:
          first character: D = official, V = trial
          DSHB – RS232 Decoder
          DSHC – SPI Decoder
          DSHE – I2C Decoder
          DSHJ – CAN Decode
          DSHS – FlexRay Decoder
          DSH9 – all options

          DSA815 device options:
          first character: A = official, S = trial
          AAAB – Tracking Generator
          AAAC – Advnced Measurement Kit
          AAAD – 10Hz RBW
          AAAE – EMI/Quasi Peak
          AAAF – VSWR


          D:\Users\PoulAgertoft\Dropbox\Downloads\Rigol DS1054Z>riglol.exe DS1ZA171912343
          I did the DSER, which is not mentioned on the DS1000z device options on the website or in rigol.exe,
          my DS1054Z, SW 00.04.03, it worked like a charm the first time :)
          Hope this helps.

  5. No problem!
    I have been a bit disappointed for the RF interferences at 125MHz and more, also with the original 50MHz bandwidth.
    Uhmm… It should be not so tricky avoiding a -40dBfs interference for an experienced company. I can not think they are not able to solve that problem.
    A cheap instrument can not be as good as more expensive instruments of the same company… I wouldn’t be astonished if they made something to add noise, making the DS1000 series worse than more expensive series!
    It would be a few pF capacitor, or a wire protruding as an antenna or a tin drop… :-)

  6. I was able to successfully apply the “fix” to my 2015 production 1054Z. However, for some reason i wasn’t able to do it first time – i have restarted the device and regenerated the key (even though i have found out it is exactly the same like the first one, no mistakes) and this time i was able to unlock.

    I have stumbled on similar reports of people not being able to unlock with 1st try so if yours decides to throw away the coding the first time – just make sure you put all the numbers right, restart and retry. Most probably it is going to work

    1. I’m about to buy a ds1054z. Did you use the link to generate your code? It looks like it is the only page still up. The YouTube video I saw stated the code from that website didn’t work?

  7. Yep, this still works. Got mine today and got it to work right out of the box, no FW upgrading or anything. Did it when the features were still under “Trial”, didn’t seem to matter.

    I downloaded the binaries and used those rather than the web interface (paranoid).

    Model: DS1054z
    FW: 00.04.03.SP2
    Board: 0.1.1
    Code: DSER

    Now identifies as DS1104Z.

  8. Still works!

    My DS1054Z came today with firmware 00.04.03 and board 0.1.1. Upgraded to latest firmware and then used DSER option code. Now identifies as DS1104Z with all options.

    Analog bandwidth of my model is approx. 125MHz@-3dB.

  9. Works fine.

    My unit came with fw 00.04.03 board 0.1.1. Updated to 00.04.03.SP2 and used DSER option code.
    Now identifies as DS1104Z with all options.

    Analog bandwidth of my unit is approx. 125MHz@-3dB.

  10. Still works!

    My DS1054Z came today with firmware 00.04.03 and board 0.1.1. Upgraded to latest firmware and then used DSER option code. Now identifies as DS1104Z with all options.

    Analog bandwidth of my unit is approx. 125MHz@-3dB.

  11. I finally got around (and the courage) to try this hack…worked like a charm. I used the code DSER (all options but the 500uV). I tested and saved .jpg files of a 5V 20MHz clock before and after the hack (using x10 probe). Before the hack, the risetime for the clock was measured by the ‘scope as 2.50ns; after the hack, the same clock was measured by the scope as 2.20ns so I know the physical bandwidth did increase and it’s not the ‘scope just reporting an increased bandwidth. I then went on and update to the latest firmware and again, no problems.

  12. Just got a DS1074Z Plus, SV 00.04.03, BV 2.1.1; codes do not work anymore. Tried a couple just to be sure. Also took a break and came back and tried it again, re-entering serial number. It says “Invalid License”.

  13. Tried this on my (new!) DS1054Z bought just a few weeks ago. Firmware version is 4.03.SP2. Had a couple of false starts either due to finger trouble or duff sites. The original site used by Chris has disappeared and the mirror didn’t seem to work but I found the original site on the internet archive at and it worked just fine using the DSER option.
    The scope now has all the options and reports itself as a DS1104Z. It came with all of the options licensed as ‘trial’ versions for a limited time evaluation but they are now licensed as ‘official’ with no time limit. Great result. A DS1104Z-Plus would have cost more than double and I have no need for the upgradeability to logic analyser etc. capabilities (I use a Saleae).

  14. Tried a number of RigloL keygen sites. NONE work. Locked out for 12 hours. Will try once more. If unsuccessful, I am going to conclude that it doesn’t work now. Computers don’t just work sometimes.. this is quite ridiculous if you think about it. Some have success, others don’t, really?

  15. I am planning to purchase a Rigol DS1054Z very soon, and am considering the hack to upgrade it. However, before I do, I was wondering if there was any risk to doing it; could I enter an incorrect key by accident and brick the scope?

  16. Delighted and relieved to confirm that this worked on my brand new (delivered today!) DS1054Z, software 00.04.04 SP1, board version 0.1.4

    I downloaded the zip file from (see link and end of that page) and ran the Linux version found in the /bin/linux directory, using option code DSFR (everything), and didn’t provide the optional private key.
    Executable binaries for OSX and Windows are also provided.

    Entered the resulting code into the ‘scope and all options are now available, showing as “Official” with no “left-time”.
    The model number displayed on-screen is now DS1104Z.
    All options and model number are retained through a power-cycle.


  17. had an unusual experience with a recent attempt to enter the keys. a ds1054z owner was using the online key generator and that attempt was met with an error message about incorrect key, the 2nd attempt for a key generated from the app [turned out to be same key] was again met with error message. then on 3rd attempt same error message but no lockout. the individual checked the options list and it showed all options now active. point of this long story always check options list even after an error flag cause that owner got 3 errors and options unlocked.

  18. Just received mine today. It already has everything unlocked except 100mhz. Think telectronic did a vendor update before shipping, I saw one other person who has this.

    Using riglol, I entered my SN and got a key for just the 100mhz. Trying to enter it, the key has 6 chars for the first block, BUT, my entry space takes 7 chars? There is no way to enter the key as one cannot add a space in this process. I have a DS1054Z, sw ver 00.04.04.SP3, board v 1.04.

    I see others say it’s riglolable, but mine doesn’t appear to be. The only thing I can think of is doing a telnet uninstall of whatever the vendor used, and trying to reinstall a riglol key. I’m very hesitant though as my first block of the genkey is 6 chars via riglol, and the scope appears to require 7 chars for that first block.

    Any ideas, maybe someone else has conquered this?
    Thanks all

    1. Update:. I’m a retard. That, and riglol WAS giving me a 7 char SN for the first block of the SN. I had to “slide” the displayed SN in riglol over to see the first char of the string. D’OH!!

      So, since mine came with most options preinstalled, all I needed to add was the 100mhz option. Using riglol, gen’d a SN for just that option, entered it into the scope and VOILA, a DS1104Z is born!

      So, another confirmation for 00.04.04.SP3 board v.0.1.4 and, still hackable! Thanks to all who post and share, love you guys….no, not like that, sickos. ;)

    1. I 2nd that.Got my 1054Z today and applied the 100mhz code. Don’t know how it works yet, but it says it is installed.
      Just wondering if they ever got the 500µV function fixed/stable???

  19. Does any of this work for the MSO1000Z series?

    Rigol gives you all the options with this scope now, but when I got mine, I had to purchase the options and my scope budget only allowed the serial decoders.

    Rigol said that they would upgrade previously purchased scopes up to a year old, but mine is a year older. I wanted the full upgrade, but they said no credit for what I had already purchased.

  20. I recently purchased a DS1054Z new and updated the firmware to 00.04.04.SP4. The Board version is 0.1.4. All options are enabled except 100Mhz and 500uV. Using Riglol 1.03, I followed the upgrade procedure: entering SN, DSEA, and generating a key. I entered the key into Setup and hit Apply. “Invalid License!” was the response. I checked all of my inputs, several times. I also tried using DSER with the same result.

    I’m wondering if any other user has had success with this combination of firmware and board version. Perhaps a new version of Riglol to 1.04 is in order.

    I was so hoping to enable 100 Mhz like everybody else.

  21. I was able to update my DS1054Z with a 0.1.4 board version and 00.04.04.SP3 and install all official version options including decodes, triggers, and 100Mhz using the DFSR option. Thanks to everyone for posting.

  22. I followed this tutorial from youtube:

    It unlocked for me flawlessly first time. I’m glad I purchased this best budget friendly oscilloscope. I’m even more surprised this oscilloscope can be used as a logic analyzer but only once the decoder options has been unlocked or purchased, weird how RIGOL is providing all these features unlocked after 2019 but anyone purchased before literally have to spend close to $400+ to have all these features unlocked. I purchased my Rigol DS1054Z around 2017 and unlocked just now.

  23. I can confirm keygen still works in 2021 for DS1054Z, however you need to give priv key: 6F1106DDA994DA – for other models check source file rigol.c. Options: DSER – all except 500uV. And SN starts with DS not D8 ;) Happy upgrading.

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