Motion Sensing Water Gun Tweets Photos To Embarrass Enemies

Water Gun

[Ashish] is bringing office warfare to the next level with a motion sensing water gun. Not only does this water gun automatically fire when it detects motion, but it also takes a photo of the victim and publishes it on Twitter.

This hack began with the watergun. [Ashish] used a Super Soaker Thunderstorm motorized water gun. He pulled the case apart and cut one of the battery wires. he then lengthened the exposed ends and ran them out of the gun to his control circuit. He also placed a protection diode to help prevent any reverse EMF from damaging his more sensitive electronics. The new control wires run to a MOSFET on a bread board.

[Ashish] is using a Lightblue Bean board as a microcontroller. The Bean is Arduino compatible and can be programmed via low energy Bluetooth. The Bean uses an external PIR sensor to detect motion in the room. When it senses the motion, it activates the MOSFET which then turns on the water gun.

[Ashish] decided to use Node-RED and Python to link the Bean to a Twitter account. The system runs on a computer and monitor’s the Bean’s serial output. If it detects the proper command, it launches a Python script which takes a photo using a webcam. A second script will upload that photo to a Twitter account. The Node-RED server can also monitor the Twitter account for incoming direct messages. If it detects a message with the correct password, it can use the rest of the message as a command to enable or disable the gun.

14 thoughts on “Motion Sensing Water Gun Tweets Photos To Embarrass Enemies

    1. Until the janitor rotates the water gun to point directly into [Ashish]’s keyboard, but leaves the motion sensor pointed at the hallway, or better yet out of a nearby window.

      All’s fair in squirts and wars!

  1. I live on golf coarse and have problem with golfers relieving themselves in view of my backyard, I’ve wanted to do something similar to this to wet them in return. I like it

    1. Take a HD video of them and post it on to YouTube. With the caption “Golfers relieving themselves at Golf Course”. Post the link on the course’s bulletin board. If it goes viral then the offenders will have the humiliation indelibly etched into their memory while their fellow golfers giggle and point at them.

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