15 Quadcopters For Hackaday Prize Entries

We’re busy giving away tens of thousands of dollars in prizes for Hackaday Prize entries, and that’s before the contest even ends. Last week, we put a call out for projects with wings, wheels, and propellers, and now we’re doling out some fun Crazyflie 2.0 quadcopters  to the winners. Here’s the lucky winners, in no particular order:


Congrats to all the winners.

This week’s contest is for the best human interface, the winners of which will receive laser cutting time through Ponoko. If you need a control panel for all those switches and buttons, this is the contest to get in on. The deadline to enter the Human Interface contest is Thursday, 7/16/15, so:

Good luck, and remember to vote in this week’s round of community voting.

The 2015 Hackaday Prize is sponsored by:

10 thoughts on “15 Quadcopters For Hackaday Prize Entries

  1. Thanks for the prize! I half jokingly entered the contest just for the chance of winning the prize with my “Solar B.E.A.M Bristle Bot” entry just a few days ago. It was a lot of fun doing the project as a break from my other projects and other work.
    Now if only I have time to play…

  2. Rock on! Thanks HaD!

    Although you’ve now changed the picture in my head of the final Ruprecht… I’m gonna have to (someday) figure out how to make him launch/fly/retrieve the quad. In addition to the other stuff I already have no idea how to do.

    1. I love your project. Although I realize I failed to give it a skull, so I’ll do that shortly. BTW, the RP5 chassis (formerly) in Project R was originally intended to be a small-scale K-9. Now I’m changing out the chassis for a bigger one, so the rp5 will probably go back to “gonna be a K-9”.

      1. I was looking at Project R and thinking it looks like a great base for the “flying robots” (held up by an acrylic rod) I want to build like Star Trek’s Nomad or Fallout’s Mr Handy.

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