Raspberry Pi-Powered Back To The Future Time Circuits

Here’s something that’s a little late to celebrate the fact that all the events in Back to the Future have happened in the past, but that’s what time machines are for, right? [Deater] created Pi-powered time circuits and a flux capacitor. He might not have a DeLorean, but he does have the equipment to turn a DeLorean into a cool car.

The ‘time circuits’ shown on-screen in Back to the Future actually weren’t very complex; the times were just cutouts with lights and gels; no real electronics wizardry necessary. Of course the BttF DeLorean has since been remodeled and refurbished with time circuits that look and act the part, and [Deater]’s time circuits have everything you would expect: a display of the destination, current, and last time, sound effects, numeric keypad, flux capacitor, and a speedometer.

While it doesn’t simulate the time circuits from the movie exactly, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The movie time circuits were colored gels, and wouldn’t exactly be practical for a Raspberry Pi-based prop. It’s a great build, and one that would look great in either a ’98 Nissan Altima or a DeLorean

13 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi-Powered Back To The Future Time Circuits

    1. with the current setup the display does glitch out occasionally. Best guess is there’s some sort of noise/bad connection across all the i2c cabling. I feel like it does add a certain element of authenticity.

  1. haha interestingly enough if I do manage to get it installed in a car it’s likely to be a ’99 Mercury Tracer. Wish I still had the ’66 Mustang, it’d be much easier to get it to 88MPH, but much harder to get the current speed off of the CAN bus.

  2. Hello,

    I am French and I could see your wonderful project. Very nice work.
    I tried to see one of your drawing with Eagle but I can’t open it. (ex: redgreen_ledboard.sch).
    With What can I open it?


  3. Ok, I was born in 73, huge fan, went to theater about 17 times to watch it! in honors electronics in high school, build hot rods, retired disabled veteran and I’ve always wanted a delorean! I have dreamt of having any of these props and especially, the time circuits, plutonium chamber (roentgen meter) and of course a flux capacitor but I can’t afford them. I’m simply wanting to do radio shack, find a tear up an old touch-tone phone and build some time circuits! Please, is there a kit? List of parts out here?? Can someone help me please? I’m loving this one!

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