Deployable By Design With Bunnie Huang, Nadya Peek, And Joi Ito

We follow [bunnie]’s blog as he posts interesting and usable information quite regularly. [bunnie] posted about a video of a recent talk he did at MIT Media Lab with Nadya Peek and Joi Ito. This was in lieu of his monthly “name that ware” competition, which is worth looking into as well.

The talk is focused on small volume manufacturing and the experiences that the speakers have under their collective belt is large enough that the conversation takes a turn from how to do things in practice, to the theory and technique of manufacturing on a philosophical level.

[bunnie] prefaces the conversation with an explanation of some of the design and manufacturing processes involved when working on the circuit stickers project. He talks about the importance of testing the product and the complex test jig that is required to quality check a simple (in comparison to the test jig) product. [bunnie] shares an overview of the project timeline and where some extended design stages might be found in unexpected places.

The design and manufacturing process is discussed on many levels throughout the talk. Among the points that are insightful, we certainly found ourselves a little jelly of all the time [bunnie] gets to spend in Shenzhen.

If you’re not familiar with [bunnie]’s blog you can check it out at Pro Tip: you can spend the better part of your workday browsing topics in the sidebar on the right.

We have covered the MIT Media Lab before, including a trip to Shenzhen that is discussed in the Media Lab talk by [Joi] and [bunnie]. Another interesting interview at SXSW earlier this year by [Sophi Kravitz] who spoke with [Sunanda Sharma] about mediated matter.

10 thoughts on “Deployable By Design With Bunnie Huang, Nadya Peek, And Joi Ito

  1. Looks like an interesting talk, unfortunately the video stream keeps crapping out after about a minute or two. Would be nice if MIT Media Lab would also mirror the video on YouTube or Vimeo.

  2. “we certainly found ourselves a little jelly of all the time [bunnie] gets to spend in Shenzhen.”
    Like I tell my significant other – if you want to be taken seriously, stop writing like a 13 year old. Also consider that many readers are not native English speakers. The word is spelled J-E-A-L-O-U-S. Otherwise, great post.

  3. That’s really cool, even if the whole pursuit fail, it’s an incredible learning tool, you are able to touch the whole hardware chain including injection molding without spending a million dollars and months. I want to go there now.

    When I was a kid, I had to extract kernels from applications in space of non-finite dimension on paper for the vague promise to one day touch an MCU (I dropped out, before the MCUs).

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