Radio Receiver Build Log And More

At Hackaday, we like to see build logs, and over on, you can find plenty of them. Sometimes, though, a builder really outdoes themselves with a lot of great detail on a project, and [N6QW’s] Simple-Ceiver project certainly falls into that category. The project logs document many different stages of completeness, and we linked the first one for you as a starting point, but you’ll definitely want to read up to the present. (There were 16 parts, some spanning multiple posts, last time we checked).

It is definitely worth the effort though. The project started out as a direct conversion receiver, but the design goes through and converts it into a superheterodyne receiver. Along the way, [N6QW] shares construction techniques, design advice, and even simulation plots (backed up with actual scope measurements). The local oscillator, of course, uses an Arduino and an AD9850 synthesizer.

Even if you never plan to build a receiver like this (and despite the simple in the name, this is not a one hour build) it is still worth checking out for the detailed notes and the advice on receiver architecture and design.

If you are looking for something you could build in one or two sittings, you might consider starting with a regenerative receiver. We’ve looked at them before and even have one that uses a LM386 in a way its designer never intended.

Thanks to [N7SUR] for the tip.

8 thoughts on “Radio Receiver Build Log And More

  1. Typical,, lacking details, no schematics (that I can easily find), no reference to code lifted from others (no code period). Oh, I can also assume no AGC either. But at-least I don’t see a horrible NE602 at first-glance (and if there was one, there better be AGC before it!) But don’t worry, the schematic might show-up someday, behind some sort of magazine pay-wall.

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