RC Mini Flame Thrower Brings The Burn

It goes without saying that a radio controlled mini flame thrower can be nothing but a bad idea and you should never, ever build one. But once you watch the video below, you’ll be tempted to try. But don’t do it – you’ve been warned.

That said, the video below shows that [Make-log]’s remarkably compact build is chock full of safety interlocks and sports a thoughtful and informative user interface. It’s fueled by a small can of spray deodorant whose valve is actuated by a servo and ignited by a spark-gap igniter. Alas, this final critical component is no longer available from SparkFun, so if you choose to roll your own – which you shouldn’t – you’ll need to find a substitute.

We’ve featured an unreasonable number of flame thrower projects before, including a ton of wristmounted units. Of course if you’re a musically inclined pyromaniac, you’ll also want to check out this mini Doof Warrior setup too.

17 thoughts on “RC Mini Flame Thrower Brings The Burn

        1. Not that I’ve tried, but I believe you. Though I’ll ask if you’ve had any problems with it burning on when the flame is supposed to be extinguished, since WD-40 is heavier and doesn’t evaporate as readily.

  1. I dunno looks like standard hvac heater parts to me.

    Otoh flamethrowers tend towards napalm fuels that stick. This looks more like a BBQ burner with a huge leak.

    My $0.02 and I’m staying with that.

  2. In 1999 i built a gameboy controlled flame thrower while living in Wrigleyville, chicago.

    I wimped out and never fired it off in the city – it worked with compressed kerosene and a propane pilot.

    The only interesting thing might be that it worked with a weird cartridge that allowed loading C++ code into a gameboy cartridge, and provided GPIO. Neato.

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